The Audio Series

Series 1 - Episode 3
Released October 22, 2008


As Deep Space 5's research team tries to investigate the mysterious minefield surrounding Romulan space, Evori remembers a conflict between the Potemkin's engineer and chief of security.

Listen to Yours, Mines and Ours: Act 1 (9.5MB - 13:34)

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Listen to Yours, Mines and Ours: Act 3 (11.5MB - 16:48)


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  1. Star Trek Eras Main Title (1:04)
  2. Daystrom and Evori (0:34)
  3. Promelian Theme (composed by Ron Jones) (1:03)
  4. Do I Make Myself Clear (0:39)
  5. Corridor Crossfire (1:14)
  6. What Now (0:39)
  7. What Did You Do (1:15)
  8. Translating Crossover (0:21)
  9. Promelian's End (1:53)
  10. Finegan's Message (1:37)
  11. Back to the Mine Field (0:36)
  12. Talking About Commander White (0:39)
  13. White and Kem (3:17)
  14. Knorre's Sense..ors (1:57)
  15. Grateful She Did (0:26)
  16. A Chance to Clear the Air (1:00)
  17. Bonus Track - Conspiracy Theories (White's Theme) (2:34)
  18. Star Trek Eras End Title (2:23)


Evori Jim Caswell

Doctor Navid Daystrom Anne Michaels

Captain Lenna Bradshaw Haley Whiting

Lt. Commander Riley Finnegan Pete Nottit

Chief Ray Barklay Oscar Hopeful

Lt. JG Ra-tevnarem Eli Marti

Captain Patrick Michael Connerly Matt Hallaron

Lt. Commander Serat Johnathen Michaels

Lt. JG Violeta Knorre Joan Hallaron

Lieutenant Jax Card Matt Hallaron

Commander Jared Tobin M. E. Hopeful

Lt. Commander J'hos T'minear Rick Steele

Commander Frank White Andy Fox

Lt. Commander Jeof Kem Sam Smyth