The Audio Series

Series 1 - Episode 1
Released November 10, 2006 - March 1, 2007


In this explosive first episode, the crew of the USS Aurora encounters a minefield along the Romulan border. The existence of this phenomenon in the wake of the Reman revolution and attempted attack on Federation space is compounded by the fact that Evori encountered one just like it over two hundred years in the past.

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  1. Star Trek Eras Main Title (1:04)
  2. Mission Briefing (1:29)
  3. Loss of the Rosemont (0:44)
  4. After the Loss (0:18)
  5. Romulan Standoff / Stand Down (3:57)
  6. The Challenger - One (0:16)
  7. The Challenger - Two (0:17)
  8. The Challenger - Three (0:18)
  9. Secrets / Tell You a Story (1:00)
  10. Star Trek Eras End Title (2:23)


Major Jacob Goldman Ken Hallaron

Lt. Commander Eugene Westlake Doug Zeitlin

Doctor Max Rembrandt Jerry Hallaron

Lieutenant Mary Fitzgerald Toni Hopeful

Evori Jim Caswell

Commander Cal Isaacs Greg Cheatham

Captain Patrick Michael Connerly Matt Hallaron

Lt. Commander J'hos T'Minear Ric Steele

Commander Frank White Andy Fox

Commander Jared Tobin M. E. Hopeful

Lt. JG Violetta Knorre Joan Hallaron

Lieutenant Jax Card Matt Hallaron

Ensign Eli Goldman Ken Hallaron


Captain Matthew Crichton Oscar Hopeful

Lieutenant Chang Lao Johnathen Michaels

Warbird Commander Steve Cain

Ops Officer Graham E. Hopeful