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Evori (Av-or-e), an El-Aurian, has served in Starfleet in one capacity or another during the entire history of the Federation. In 2156, Evori was assigned to the Challenger, NX-03 and became the ships Communications Officer when they learned of his vast experience with other races. After the commission of Warp-7 starships and the birth of the Federation in 2161, Evori stayed with Starfleet, embracing their ideals of exploration. In 2258 (over 100 years after initially joining Starfleet), Evori was promoted to Commander and served as Captain Bradshaw's Executive Officer aboard the USS Potemkin.

After an extensive leave of absence and a command of his own, Evori was given command of the Galaxy-class USS Iliad. It wasn't until the Borg returned to attack Earth once again in 2373 that the ship was destroyed. In spite of Evori's request to be assigned to a new ship, he was promoted to Rear Admiral in 2374 and placed in charge of Space Station Deep Space 5, a Starfleet developmental "think-tank." Due to its close vicinity to both Cardassian and Romulan space, though, it was expanded into a military outpost as well, with the USS Aurora becoming the fleet flagship in 2375.

Evori is a Jack-of-All-Trades, with literally centuries of Starfleet experience in every field of study. Like the rest of his species, he has both limited empathic skills and is sensitive to disturbances within the time-space continuity.

(For more information about the El-Aurian race, go to Memory Alpha's entry at

Challenger Captain Matthew Aaron Crichton

In 2156, Crichton was promoted to Captain and was given command of the third NX starship, the Challenger. Crichton is a self-confident, forceful person who knows what he wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. He often thinks of his crew as people put under his protection, and takes it very personally if something happens to one of them under "his watch." As such, he will often take on dangerous missions himself rather than placing any of his crew in peril.

Challenger Chief Engineer (Commander) Caliban "Cal" Isaacs

On an Alpha Centauri outpost, Caliban Isaacs was one of the first generation born on the Earth colony. As a young teenager, a cascade effect in a warp field burned thirty percent of his body, including his right arm, leg and side of his face. Back on Earth, Isaacs went through extensive reconstructive surgery with most of the damaged muscle and bone replaced with cybernetics. Once released by United Earth Medical, Isaacs sought to continue his interest in engineering by joining Starfleet. Working with Lt. Commander Crichton, the two men struck up a strong friendship, and when Matthew was given command of the Challenger, Isaacs was assigned as his chief engineer.

Challenger Doctor (Lt. Commander) Maximilian "Max" Rembrandt

As the oldest human member of the Challenger crew, Max Rembrandt makes himself out to be "an old country doctor," but in reality loves all things new and innovative. He was one of the first humans to volunteer for the Interspecies Medical Exchange in the late 2130s, embracing the ideal of traveling to different cultures and learn new ways to heal. He has taken knowledge from each planet he has visited that will aid him in taking care of his patients, even if it means using unusual methods. When the position of Chief Medical Officer aboard the Challenger became available, Max applied for the position and was far more qualified than any other candidate.

Max portrays himself to the crew as a "grumpy old man" who makes it very clear that he doesn't appreciate "unnecessary" interruptions. In reality, he cares a great deal about his patients, often wanting to perform preventative medicine. He is also a herpetologist, often prescribing natural substitutes over chemicals. As an ongoing joke, Max often asks people to call him "Ol' Sawbones," though no one does.

Challenger Chief Science Officer (Lt. Commander) Eugene Weslake Jr.

Eugene Weslake gained four doctorates in various fields of science by the age of twenty and quickly became a master of all natural and theoretical specialties, easily able to pursue any of them individually or in sets. A true research bug, Eugene prefers to be in the lab rather than in the field. Just before the launch of Challenger, Eugene used up a lot of favors; pulling strings he had in Starfleet and with the government to get assigned to the NX-03 and given an honorary rank of Lt. Commander. He did not share his reasons.

Based solely on his intellect, Eugene would normally be considered the greatest asset any captain could hope for, but Eugene's "quirks" bounce him back and forth between being useful and problematic. He has some social anxiety, but is extremely well spoken and greatly emotional when discussing matters of scientific nature. He is terrified by the idea of star travel and is well known for his fear of "eating vacuum." He is also borderline OCD (Obsessive / Compulsive Disorder); always needing to make sure his work and living area are spotless. In spite of all of this, however, Eugene proves himself to be invaluable when the chips are down.

Challenger Chief Weapons Officer (Lieutenant) Mary Fitzgerald

Mary is the only child of a family with a long history of serving in the military; six generations in the Marine Corps / Military Assault Command, but decided to follow her dreams to the stars through Starfleet. She trained with a focus on becoming a Weapon's Officer, eventually earning her a position on the third Warp-5 vessel, the Challenger. Fitzgerald is an extremely devoted officer in all walks of her life. She holds the MACOs under her command in high regard, but also expects a great deal from them because she knows what they are truly capable of.

Challenger Helmsman (Lieutenant) Chang Lao

Chang Lao is a product of a "golden age" of Chinese history, born in 2130 in Shanghai. Prior to it's joining the United Earth Government, Lao was one of China's premiere pilots on the fast track to an independent space program. Once joined with the UEG, however, Lao eventually showed himself to be among the best pilots available and was placed aboard the NX-03 Challenger as its helmsman.

Challenger MACO Commander (Major) Jacob Goldman

Jacob Goldman's heritage is traceable back to the Jewish holocaust in Germany, where his maternal ancestors were imprisoned in Oskar Schindler's labor camp. His father served the local temple as the rabbi, with Jacob's mother as the cantor. On his eighteenth birthday, Jacob left home and joined the Military Assault Command. Seven years later, Goldman was assigned to the Starfleet MACO project, which stationed troops on all outbound ships to act as security personnel. Raised as a devout Jew, he continues is religious practices.

(See entry under Space Station Deep Space 5 for information on his great-great-great grandson, Eli Goldman.)

USS Potemkin Captain Lenna Bradshaw

Lenna (Le-na) Bradshaw realized that her career, like most famous captains of the time, must come first over all things and resolved herself to a life alone . until she met Walden Gibbs. In 2247, Bradshaw was visiting an old friend on the Mars Colony when she was introduced to Gibbs, an environmental consultant. Two years later, she tried to break off the relationship, sighting her need to devote her life to her career. Walden failed to relent, showing love and patience that won out over advancement-induced paranoia. In 2250, the two were married while in orbit around Mars by her commanding officer, with Lenna keeping her maiden name. In 2258, she was given the recently-vacated position of Captain of the USS Potemkin. Bradshaw's marriage is second only to her career, which Walden accepts willingly. They are the rare case that proves long-distance relationships can work.

USS Potemkin Chief of Security (Lt. Commander) Riley Finnegan

Finnegan's talent for tormenting people is well documented. He enjoyed his latter Starfleet Academy days the best, when he could haze underclassmen with little trouble. Cadet James T. Kirk was one such recipient of Finnegan's special brand of attention. He was forced to tame his enthusiasm, however, when his antics began costing him advancements. In 2258, Finnegan was assigned to the USS Potemkin as Chief of Security. In spite of his reputation and disposition, Finnegan proved himself to be a capable officer, excelling in his duties at tactical, security and intelligence gathering.

(For more information about Finnegan, go to Memory Alpha's entry at

USS Potemkin Doctor (Lt. Commander) Sherman "Hawkeye" Forrest

Sherman is the grandson of the famous Admiral Maxwell Forrest, pioneer leader of Starfleet's first warp drive program, who died during a terrorist bombing of the Earth embassy on Vulcan. A wife and three children, the youngest of which is Sherman's father, survived him.

Sherman was given his nickname at a young age. His desire to heal instead of hurt led him to join Starfleet Medical and become a starship surgeon. When Hawkeye transferred aboard the Potemkin, he did so with the understanding that he would never be put in a situation that would compromise his pacifist beliefs.

USS Potemkin Chief Science Officer (Lieutenant) Damian Oldfield

When Damian was a child, he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, with science being the one thing that would keep his attention. He was also blessed with a photographic memory that allowed him to remember everything he saw and heard. Oldfield is an incredibly capable scientist, but sometimes struggles when it comes to the day-to-day operations of Starfleet. His occasional hyper-ness can irritate his crewmates, but they don't blame him for their discomfort as they know he doesn't do it on purpose. When it comes to matters of science, however, he becomes uniquely single-minded and produces the answer with the utmost speed.

USS Potemkin Communications Officer (Lieutenant J.G.) Ra-tevnarem

Ra-tevnarem (Ra-tev-na-rem) is an Efrosian male from Atreos IV; the first one assigned to serve aboard a Starfleet vessel. Due to the inherent diminished eyesight of those from his home planet, most of those who had proceeded him served at Starfleet Command or at the Academy. His almost-instant mastery of alien languages was remarkable. When appointed to the Potemkin, the communications console was renovated to compensate for his diminished. Ra has also been given a pair of special glasses that corrects their specific vision difficulties. Ra has discovered, however, that said glasses tend to give him headaches if used too frequently and he prefers to avoid their use whenever possible.

He is an inquisitive young man, but is very defensive about pulling his own weight aboard the Potemkin. While some of his coworkers try to over-accommodate his "disability," Ra prefers it when he is treated equally. He will, when being over-accommodated, react with emotions ranging from testiness to outright belligerence. On the other hand, when people do not give him preferential treatment, he is incredibly friendly and will occasionally make fun of himself if around friends. He is incredibly good at his job and has often proven to be a great asset during first contact situations.

(For more information about the Efrosian race, go to Memory Alpha's entry at

USS Potemkin Navigator (Lieutenant J.G.) Robert "Ringo" Starkey

Robert Starkey was born and raised in Northern Texas. While the boy loved ropin' and ridin', he had one passion that was far greater; he wanted to be a musician. Growing up listening to 20th and 21st century country music, Robert wanted to revive the style. Unfortunately, while he had a great sense of rhythm, his sense of pitch was terrible, unable to carry a tune. As such, the boy learned how to play the drums masterfully, and managed to earn the nickname "Ringo" after the famous Beatles drummer. When his Uncle Bill came home to visit on shore leave, he told the boy of all the wonders and adventures he had encountered in outer space. By high school graduation, Robert was accepted to Starfleet Academy.

Aboard the Potemkin, Ringo is considered a bit of a leader among the lower-ranked crewmen. He continues his love of music, varying musical selections with everything from classical to Ringo's much-beloved country and western. His love of music also carries over into his bridge duty, as he can often be found tapping out a tune on a table or console whenever he is bored or nervous.

USS Potemkin Helmsman (Ensign) Nader Massad

Massad is a Shi'a Islamic nationalist and Muslum, born in New Kabul, Afghanistan in 2256. Nader is the second youngest member of the Potemkin's Senior Staff, on his first assignment out of Starfleet Academy. Having pulled the Alpha shift among the other Ensign helmsmen, he has been designated the department's representative on the Senior Staff.

USS Potemkin Chief Engineer (Chief Petty Officer) Raymond "Ray" Barclay

Ray started his Starfleet career right out of high school. He signed up as a non-com and began working as a grunt aboard one of the first Constitution-class vessels, the USS Falcon. After several years of proving himself a capable engineer, he was offered a position back on Earth working for the shipyards, supervising the construction and refit of Constitution-class starships. He enjoyed this period of time, meeting his wife Angie and earning a name for himself through his hard work and skill. When the USS Potemkin finished its refit, Ray was offered the position of Chief Engineer. Angie had just given birth to their first child, a baby boy they had named Reginald Endicott (and who would later become the grandfather of "Reg" Barclay of the Enterprise-D).

Ray is confident, self-assured and able to make friends with almost anyone. He has a deep love for his family, often making mention of how much he misses them, but also realizes that sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

USS Potemkin Yeoman Emily Gibbs

Emily is the youngest sister of Walden Gibbs. Wanting to avoid the rigors of officer training, Gibbs signed up as a yeoman in Starfleet. Working as her sister-in-law's assistant, Emily finds herself held, protected from dangerous situations by Bradshaw. Emily is a very outgoing and beautiful young woman. She is incredibly outgoing, never leaving a challenge unanswered or a project unfinished.

Patrick Michael Connerly

Born and raised in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland in 2330, Patrick Michael was encouraged from childhood to follow his uncle into the priesthood. He followed this path to the point of entering seminary, but for reasons that are only known to him, he changed his mind and applied to Starfleet instead. Connerly became Chief Helmsman opened aboard the Rising Sun under Captain Evori. The two established a bond of friendship over the years, leading Evori to invite Connerly to serve as his Fist Officer when the former assumed command of the Iliad.

After the destruction of the USS Iliad, Patrick Michael took a brief leave of absence to return home. Being handpicked by Admiral Evori to assume command of the USS Aurora and serve as the head of DS5's fleet brought him back to action and rejuvenated his spirit once more. He returned to work with a renewed sense of hope and wonder, filled with the same confidence, decisiveness and leadership that had served him well as First Officer.

USS Iliad Doctor (Commander) Sevar

Doctor Sevar has mastered all xeno-biological studies of Alpha and Beta Quadrant life forms and is an excellent "theoretical" doctor. After graduating from Starfleet Medical, he did a brief medical rotation aboard the USS Reynolds before returning to Earth to teach medicine at the Academy. When he was placed in line for Command level, he was required to do additional tour aboard a starship to re-familiarize himself with field medicine. He was assigned to the Iliad for said tour, and is unable to return to the Academy until released by Captain Evori. He is also deeply committed to the philosophies of Sarak and has achieved the Kolinahr.

(For more information about the Vulcan race, go to Memory Alpha's entry at

Chief Engineer Francis "Frank" White

Francis White has proved himself repeatedly as a capable Chief aboard the USS Iliad, comparable to any engineer in the fleet. He is well liked by the entire crew . until he gets started with his conspiracy theories. Frank has a theory on every major event in history, and most of his shipmates find his obsession humorous.

After the destruction of the Iliad, White was approached by Connerly to be the Aurora's First Officer. After politely refusing the position, White was quoted as saying, "I'm an engineer; I belong next to an engine." As such, Frank was promoted and brought on as the USS Aurora's Chief Engineer.

Leigh Adamas

Leigh (Le) is a forth-generation Starfleet officer. She was raised among the stars, learning how to pilot a shuttlecraft before knowing how to read sentences. After graduation from the Academy, Leigh became the gamma-shift flight control officer aboard the USS Rising Sun and eventually Chief Conn of the USS Iliad. She continually proves to be an excellent pilot and develops further command skills.

Upon his appointment to DS5, Admiral Evori invited Adamas to serve as his Administrative Aide and Commander of Space Station Operations. As such, she effectively becomes his First Officer, but with far more responsibility for the station's day-to-day operations. She maintains a strong friendship with her former crewmates that now serve aboard the USS Aurora, especially Connerly, White and T'minear.

USS Iliad Counselor (Lieutenant) Tali

Having lived on Delta III through her early twenties, Tali realized that she was an anomaly in her race. Being different, however, led Tali to seek out a career in Starfleet and take a position as a counselor. When Tali was first assigned to the Iliad, she endured the typical reaction to a member of her race, to the point of sometimes needing to counsel shipmates over their feelings about her. After a while, though, people began to realize her qualifications outweighed her beauty. Her natural empathic abilities help her get to the route of people's problems and comfort them in times of need.

(For more information about the Deltan race, go to Memory Alpha's entry at

Chief of Security J'hos T'minear

J'hos is a member of the Buver Tribe on the planet Tiburon, one of the three tribes that Dr. Zora experimented on in the culture's history. As such, they are advanced hand-to-hand fighters and are capable of incredible feats of marksmanship with all forms of projectiles. J'hos wanted to join Starfleet, and decided that working in the area of Security would be his best option. When J'hos was assigned to the USS Iliad as Chief of Security, he was able to strike up his first true friendships with his fellow crewmen. He is a driven man, passionate to the point of obsessive once he sets his mind on things. As such, he is a dedicated to friend to anyone he has sworn his allegiance to.

The destruction of the Iliad was more than J'hos could bare. Now, though, he is more controlled than before. He devotes all of his energy toward ensuring the safety of his new ship and crew aboard the USS Aurora, devoted to making sure that no one else losses their life under his watch again.

(For more information about the Tiburonian race, go to Memory Alpha's entry at

USS Iliad Chief Science Officer (Lieutenant J.G.) Koe Lineer

Koe is a Bajoran war orphan who was adopted and raised by two Starfleet officers. She got into the academy the hard way: through study, skill and a little luck. She did not make many friends, which may have driven her over the edge if not for the counsel of groundskeeper Boothby. She found her path to inner calm and pagh through Boothby's tutelage. Koe turned out to have a natural leadership ability and quickly received a reputation as skilled science officer. She still has a rough temper and often seeks enlightenment through her spirituality.

(For more information about the Bajoran race, go to Memory Alpha's entry at

USS Iliad Chief Operations Officer (Lieutenant J.G.) Resheen D'Conn

D'Conn is a black-haired female of the Caitian race. She is flirtatious and kind, enjoying her life of space exploration. Though simplistic in her thinking at times, Resheen was very intelligent and fast on the uptake when it came to the theoreticals of science and engineering, serving her well as she became an Operations Officer. Her friendly spirit toward everyone made her many friends among the crew.

(For more information about the Caitian race, go to Memory Alpha's entry at

DS5 Head of Developmental Research (Commander) Navid Daystrom

Navid is the granddaughter of famed computer specialist Richard Daystrom and heir apparent of the Daystrom Institute legacy. Only two of her fellow students treated her as though she were a normal person: Leah Brahms and the Vulcan, Serat. After graduation, all three went on to work in Starfleet's developmental program, with a romantic relationship developing between Navid and Serat. In 2372, as the Federation was preparing for the upcoming war with the Dominion, Navid was assigned to Deep Space 5 as Head of Developmental Research and granted an honorary rank of Commander.

As opposed to her friend Leah, who initially presented a negative first impression face-to-face, Navid is perpetually good-natured. She is deeply in love with Serat, in spite of his inability to show his love in return. She is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, striving to make the universe a better place through technology.

(For more information about Richard Daystrom, go to Memory Alpha's entry at For more information about the Daystrom Institute, go to Memory Alpha's entry at

DS5 Chief Operations Officer (Lt. Commander) Serat

Serat is a relatively young Vulcan, born in 2320 on his home world. He proved to be an extremely intelligent young man with a propensity towards engineering with an ability to use mundane equipment to repair or recreate advanced equipment. Serat spent some time bouncing through the different levels of Starfleet, from working aboard starships to teaching at the Academy. His travels, however, always managed to keep him from being with Navid, forcing them to maintain a long-distance relationship. No longer finding logic in postponing the next step in their relationship, he asked Navid to bond with him and become his wife. When the opportunity to join the team at Deep Space 5 arose, Serat accepted the position of Chief Operations Officer of the station, as well as becoming a member of his wife's developmental research team.

(For more information about the Vulcan race, go to Memory Alpha's entry at

DS5 Chief of Station Security (Lt. Commander) Jeof Kem

The Kem symbiant has provided security to the Trill people, and by extension the Federation, for six life cycles. When Jeof Potur entered Starfleet, it was with the desire to help people. He was in the middle of his first assignment when he was called upon by the Trill Symbiosis Commission to join with the Kem symbiant. Three weeks later, Lieutenant Jeof Kem was reassigned as a Chief of Security. Realizing that the border area between Klingon, Cardassian and Romulan space was going to increase in importance and potential strife, he requested posting on DS5. He is a force for good, despite the fact that his ends don't always justify the means.

(For more information about the Trill race, go to Memory Alpha's entry at

DS5 Chief Medical Officer (Lt. Commander) Jother Quarri

Jother is both a highly skilled Betazoid telepath and an excellent physician. After going through Starfleet Medical, Jother was assigned to the USS Kildare, a medical transport ship that provided aid to various colonies and border planets. It was during that time that Jother's bondmate joined him aboard and the two were married. When fighting with the Dominion finally started, the Kildare was taken off its mission of mercy and became a medical transport for those injured in battle. As the Dominion War drew to a close, the Kildare was attacked; the war was over three days later. Once he was cleared to return for duty, Jother requested an assignment on a space station, wanting to go back to being a healer rather than a meatball surgeon. On the station, Jother acts as both Chief Medical Officer for Deep Space 5 and Counselor for all the ships within the fleet.

(For more information about the Betazoid race, go to Memory Alpha's entry at

DS5 Station Ops Officer (Ensign) Eli Goldman

While the Goldman family holds a significant heritage in Starfleet, diversity was also encouraged throughout the years, leading to other careers. As such, Eli is the first of the great-great-great grandchildren to go through the Academy and join Starfleet. For his first assignment, Evori requested that the Ensign be assigned to Deep Space Five to work in Ops, managing the schedules and needs of incoming and departing vessels. Eli is the "newbie," seeing everything through fresh eyes and with an eagerness that has yet to be tempered by age and experience.

USS Aurora First Officer (Commander) Jared Tobin

For many years, Tobin was a name that struck fear in Starfleet cadets and graduates alike. His command record and combat experience made him a perfect choice to instruct at the academy as the department head of tactics and command. He has a well-earned reputation as strict disciplinarian and is known for personally washing-out more cadets than any other instructor. He is tough and adheres strictly to the rules to ensure Starfleet gets only the best to become officers.

Connerly personally tried to recruit him for First Officer of the USS Aurora well before looking at any other candidates, but was turned down. Not without influence, Admiral Evori drafted Tobin into the position. He is lacking in friends among the crew of the Aurora, with most of them remembering him without fondness from the academy. In fact, the bond shared between the two commanding officers confuses many of them.

USS Aurora Doctor (Lieutenant) Rafael "Rafe" Esposito

Esposito was born and raised in Saltillo, Mexico in 2341. Considered to be a medical progeny by many in his city everything was going well and until he met a young man in his class by the name of Julian Bashir. In the end, Esposito ended up third in his graduating class, having missed two questions on his oral exams, where Julian only missed one. Rafe had wanted the DS9 assignment until Bashir took it for himself. Instead, Esposito was assigned to the USS Franklin, a deep-space exploration vessel that was kept light-years away from any form of conflict. It wasn't until the ship's five-year mission was completed that he was able to return to Federation space. Bouncing around Starfleet Medical, an opening on the USS Aurora promised to finally give him the opportunity he desired. His desire for action - or anything that may give him some of the attention he feels is due - is often pliable.

USS Aurora Chief Flight Control Officer (Lieutenant) Jackson "Jax" Card

Jax has a need for speed. He loves all things that go fast, and the faster the better. During his off-hours, he can often be found on the holodeck running different racing programs ranging from Nascar to Warp speed testing sims from the 22nd century. Jax is also a bit of a ladies man and perpetual flirt.

USS Aurora Chief Operations Officer (Lieutenant J.G.) Violeta Knorre

Born in Kazan, Russia in 2348, Violeta is the daughter of Igor and Lili Knorre. Upon graduation, she was sent to Deep Space 5, where she was placed in Ops, managing the schedules and needs of incoming and departing vessels. She remained at that post until the arrival of Admiral Evori and the conversion of the station for military use. Upon the assignment of the USS Aurora and the fleet, Knorre requested a transfer to the starship, becoming the Alpha-shift Ops officer.