Jim Caswell
Executive Producer - TimeWell Electronic Recording Productions
Producer, Writer, Script Editor, Web Manager and Voice Talent

As a born-again Christian, librarian, writer and self-proclaimed Super-Geek, Jim has had a passion for Star Trek since being introduced to it by his long-time friend and co-conspirator, Doug Zeitlin. As such, when he discovered that fans across the globe were creating their own Star Trek Fan-Fic in various mediums, he knew what must be done. Jim has stated that the creation of TWERPs is a labor of love, combining almost all of his favorite pastimes into one forum. He wants to take the opportunity to thank all of the people that have enabled this production to come to life; both those who have contributed to this project and those that have inspired it.

Doug Zeitlin
Co-Executive Producer - TimeWell Electronic Recording Productions
Producer, Writer and Voice Talent

Doug is a self-proclaimed dork, and in college he was named the "Star Trek Demi-god," although his delusions of grandeur would make him consider himself something more than that. Doug's inspirations in television field are Joss Whedon, J. Michael Straczynski, Gene Roddenberry (and Gene Coon), Aaron Sorkin, and J.J. Abrams. He considers himself quite well read in SF and its many sub-genres. Doug's inspiration in life is his young daughter who reminds him to always act his age. He is grateful for the support of his loving wife and that she lets him come out and play Star Trek with his friends.

Ken Hallaron
Assistant Producer, Script Editor and Voice Talent

Ken Hallaron, known as "Kenn" to some, and is still called "Kenny" by a third of his extended family. He has lived in the DeKalb/Sycamore area most of his life, except for the four years he was matriculating at Rockford College, and that one year in Waukegan he really wishes he could forget. He is a programmer analyst even when whilst turning his apartment into a recording studio. Despite being only member of his immediate family without a Master's degree, he is still reasonably well-read (he favours history or science books when reading non-fiction, or else genre fiction; he also has a comic book addiction.) For fun he follows a few regional bands and does Sudoku puzzles in pen.

Louise Frances
Assistant Producer, Mixer and Voice Talent

Hailing from a quiet little town tucked away in a corner of Britain , Louise Frances primarily trained as a singer and is currently stretching her voice (and breaking her flatmates' eardrums) by now studying Opera. Performing in several amateur stage productions over the years (sung and otherwise!), Louise discovered her love of using her voice from several narration and character roles. The direct relationship they had with the audience, and the great fun in playing larger-than-life characters, sparked the flame that led her to voice-over work. When not doing her normal 9-5 job in an office, Louise earns her ‘pub money’ from producing professional voice-overs for anything from telephone prompts to eLearning narrations, but it’s in her characters that she finds the most enjoyment. Louise's greatest ambition is to one day voice a main character for a video game or animated movie.

James C. Taylor
Writer, Art Designer and Voice Talent

James C. Taylor was born in the wagon of a traveling show. Oh wait. That was Cher. James C. Taylor has at a number of different times done a number of different things to and/or with a number of different people (for which he may or may not be sorry, depending). He is not that James Taylor, nor that other James Taylor, unless you want to give him something very valuable, in which case he is any James Taylor you want him to be. James C. Taylor's future goals include world peace and inventing the see-through bikini.

Matt Hallaron
Composer, Art Designer, Mixer, Web Designer and Voice Talent

Matt Hallaron was active in music and theatre throughout high school. His undergrad years focused on music (and math). After three years of graduate school in music composition (including electronic music and sound editing), he went on to that craft's most logical career choice: web design. He fortunately still has outlets to write and perform music, such as Eras. He is happy to be able to work with old and new friends alike, as well as his ENTIRE immediate family with Eras. He lives in Chicago, IL and married his best friend and musical campadre, Amy, in May 2007.

Paul Mitchell
Composer and Voice Talent

Paul Mitchell is a UK based artist, illustrator and musician. His art reflects a positive stage in his life, always experimenting with media and effects that they can give. He uses paint very loosely, but whilst the work is freely executed, he feels he has honed everything in and created figurative elements to hold it all together. In may ways, he approaches music in the same fashion and, like with art, he completely enjoys the magical feeling of creating something. He feels it's a great pleasure to work with TWERP and hopes to do more in the future! You can visit his website at Paul Mitchell Artist.

Andrea Bruner
Script Editor

A children's librarian (or rather, currently a youth services assistant) by day, library science master-in-training by night, editor for fun on the side, passionate about children's literature and the correct pronunciation of her last name, Andrea Dommisse is happy to get the chance to work on the Geist adventures and experience the beginning-to-end process of the series firsthand.

Erick Greeva
Script Editor and Voice Talent

Erick Greeva, boy, age 39, married, kids – yes, takes a shower, drives a truck, goes to work, gets back in truck and drives home, cooks, cleans, helps on homework, watches a little TV, plays a little Civ 3, sends kids to bed, yawns, goes to bed with the Mrs. of course. He dreams of one day having the guts to try stand-up comedy. He kind of looks like the guy from Six Feet Under and Sports Night. Have a nice day.

Steve Cain
Voice Talent

Steve Cain has been a performer since his childhood when he used to entertain audiences by lip-syncing to Beatles records. His first lead role was in a school play in sixth grade. Since then, he has been a writer, performer and director. He has spent most of the last 16 years performing live and on television as a pro wrestling referee and host of his own wrestling TV show. Steve brings to the role of Ringo a love of music, including a degree with a vocal major. He considers himself an "Old School" Star Trek fan but is looking forward to expanding and challenging himself in this series.

Zach De Witz
Voice Talent

Zach was born and raised in Rockford, IL. He's a self proclaimed nerd/dork, and his wife agrees. Zach is a DJ at a radio station in the Chicagoland area, and he enjoys his duties of sitting all day, playing on the internet, eating snacks, and talking for about 2 minutes an hour, because that's really what his job is in a nutshell. His favorite movies are all six Star Wars movies, but he likes the original three the best, Fight Club, Happy Gilmore, Pulp Fiction, and the Indiana Jones trilogy. His favorite music includes Weezer, Led Zeppelin, and Jeff Buckley. His Saab is his most prized possession. His favorite Star Trek character is Captain Picard, and his favorite color is blue.

Andy Fox
Voice Talent

A man of few words and the youngest of five, Andy is from Sycamore, IL. Working in a newspaper/magazine printing facility for a several years, he has found contentment as a groupie/roadie for a Chicago area cover band.

Ryan Gilbert
Voice Talent

Ryan Gilbert is an actor that likes to work with his voice if he can. Has done for voice work for radio plays and cartoons for the past couple of years and is currently doing voice work for Xtreme Wrestling Alliance in Saint John, New Brunswick that you can check out more at He is right now writing a slice of life series about wrestling called Friday Fans.

Beth Hallaron
Voice Talent

Beth Hallaron is a former and returning professional (reference and children's) librarian. She calls DeKalb, IL home. She reads a great deal, and watches more "genre television" than both of her brothers (Matt and Ken) combined. Being the 21st Century, she frequently does both of these with her best friend who lives two hundred and fifty miles away. She is addicted to knitting.

Jerry Hallaron
Voice Talent

Jerry Hallaron grew up with adventure and science fiction stories on the page, on the radio, and in the movie serials. After he got married (to Joan) and gave up his life as a spy for the ASA, he passed his love for these on to their children (Beth, Ken, and Matt). He is a retired speech, drama, and English teacher (and is, therefore, really someone). Today, he is an artist, specialising in coloured pencil portraits.

Joan Hallaron
Voice Talent

Joan Hallaron is a committed Christian. A retired high school / district librarian, she was the librarian at the Fr. Stephen Potter Library at Newman Catholic Student Center at Northern Illinois University. She is Jerry's wife and the mother of Ken, Matt and Beth - all the Hallarons involved in Star Trek: Eras. As such, she had been a Trekkie for many years, if only out of necessity. Mrs. Hallaron loved reading, playing the organ, listening to music, gardening with herbs and flowers, computers, and dogs. And she hated housework. Joan passed away in 2018 and is greatly missed.

M. E. Hopeful
Voice Talent

Older brother to Oscar, M.E. comes from a military background where he was drafted at a young age and trained for military combat simulation sound effects. His primary training focused on creating various vocal blow-up sounds such as ka-booms and rat-a-tat-tats for machine guns. In typical military fashion, additional special ops training included whistle ka-booms for aerial raids, rocket launches for those intercontinental skirmishes and ricochet sounds for near misses. Rising through the ranks, Major M.E. Hopeful was awarded the Purple Heart and honorably discharged after a fluke microphone explosion ended his sound effect days. As part of his rehabilitation therapy, M.E. was required to devote time to the STE Performers group to deal with his post-traumatic stress disorder. The disorder caused chronic Chrematophobia (fear of money) and Ergophobia (fear of work); therefore the doctors concluded the STE performers group would be a safe haven until they find a cure.

Oscar Hopeful
Voice Talent

During his early years, Oscar displayed precocious sensitivity, particularly in his legendary portrayal of Tony Montana in his grade school's 2nd grade production of "Scarface". Not one to be typecast as the heavy - Oscar showed his versatility in his teen years by starring in various local productions - notables include his role as The Stork in "The Rabbit Done Died" and as Dr. Schmelty in "Little Stinkers". He even dabbled in musicals - including the role of Bo the Cow in "How Brown Are My Pastures?"

After majoring in Dramaturgy at Podunk University, Oscar spent the next few years playing Summer stock in Northern Greenland. Eventually finding employment in radio advertising and voiceover work - Oscar relocated to the Midwest. Originally looking for meaningful employment, Oscar has decided to forego that and instead join the STE performers group.

Eli Marti
Voice Talent

Eli Marti is nobody's fool. Since the age of three he performed as a circus clown, so that made him everybody's clown. He went by the name of Squeaky and his signature act that made everybody role in the aisles was to take a fake sledge-hammer in the face and fall into a vat of butterscotch pudding. One fateful night, an evil clown named Punchy hit Squeaky square on the noggin with a "real" sledge-hammer. When he woke up covered in pudding, he realized where he was, what he was doing and said the immortal words, "Why am I wasting my life as a clown covered in butterscotch pudding? I'm using my talents for internet radio shows." The rest is recent history.

Johnathen Michaels
Voice Talent

Although he favors that other popular movie series with the word "Star" in its titles, Johnathen Michaels also fondly remembers watching vintage Trek on television as a child in the '70s (although he did fall asleep when his parents took him to see The Motion Picture -- no real surprise there). When he saw Trek shirts in the store similar to those on the show (except short-sleeved), replete with embroidered Star Fleet insignia, he was thrilled when mom bought him one. Though, till this day, he still wonders why he went with "Scotty red" over the much cooler "Kirk yellow" color.

Today, Johnathen is still looking for that perfect career. Various lines of work have included swimming pool technician, mail room employee, librarian, administrative assistant for a prominent pharmaceutical company, and substitute teacher. He received a bachelor's degree in Music Education, though just didn't enjoy teaching in a classroom setting. He continues to perform regularly, and if he can get the incentive to practice more, has thought about pursuing a Master's degree in performance. His ideal career would either be professional musician, or fiction author.

Pete Nottit
Voice Talent

Pete's previous stage roles have included the Captain in Aphra Behn's The Rover, Publius Cornelius in Fulgens and Lucrese, a wolf in A Company of Wolves, as well as the Jester in Wassail! (a Medieval send-up Christmas production). More recently Pete has performed on the musical stage with the bands Skin Colored Crayon and, less recently, Noise Complaint. Though stage work is a passion for Pete he fortunately does not have to rely on it to pay the mortgage. Pete often quotes lines from his performance as Laertes in a long ago production of Hamlet set in Appalachia. ("Why as a cock to a woodspringe, Osric. I am justly killed by mine own treachery.")

No one knows why he does this. It is usually best to just walk away.

April Sadowski
Voice Talent

April Sadowski has been voice-acting since 2001. She started out in theater but due to a career shift going into graphic design, voice acting was the easiest way to continue acting while following her career. Since then she has had some professional ventures such as Rotofugi with RSA Films, a global evangelism presentation, and on-air for television. In addition to her role as Lindsay Capparelli in Derrick Geist and other roles for TWERP, April also assumes various roles for BrokenSea Audio, Darker Projects, Pendant Audio, Imagination Lane, Giant Gnome, and others. April also writes and is producing her own fully-casted audio drama, Lady From Day, and produces Snape's Diaries for Misfits Audio. April lives with her husband, Devon, and two devious cats in the tornadic hole of Ohio.

Lee Sands
Voice Talent

What can I say that could interest you? Well I've been an amateur voice actor for over a year now and have been cast in many roles, including work for Starship Excelsior (Simon Westlake), Doctor Who Audio Drama (Charlie Hawkins), After The Quest: Tiger Quest 3 (Lomadi), The Pendant Shakespeare (Snout), and I've also started my own podcast called The Random Crap Podcast and The Random Crap PodcastVs FanFiction where I also offer audio drama by people who haven't got a secure download option.

Ric Steele
Voice Talent

Ric Steele was born Reginald Alfredo Stanislowski-Jones in rural Portsmouth, NJ. He was one-of-one children to mixed parents: Geraldo Pesto Jones, his father-twice removed, Lola Tuberculosis Stanislowski, his mother in recognition only, and a pack of wild caribou that took care of him until he was weaned from the pack at the age of 32. When it comes to acting, Ric likes his roles to have some real meat to them; in fact, his first role was a community funded one man play that he wrote, directed and starred in. It was the lonely tale of a pound of ground sirloin ... Steak Tar-Tar AlaMode. After Altoona On Whole Wheat Theater was finished with his production of Meat, Ric moved to the big time; The Pawtucket Internet Group, or P.I.G. in local circles, a mid-sized budget internet talent show. Ric soon became tired of so much PIG that he yearned to slop around in something else. That's when Jim & Kenn (that's Ken for short) came a hollerin' for Ric to have some fun in space; so he leapt at the chance for some Star Trek hi-jinx.

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