The Audio Series

WindyCon 33
November 10-12, 2006
Wyndham O'Hare Hotel
Rosemont, Illinois

Star Trek: Eras set out to debut as a series to correspond with our local science fiction convention, WindyCon. As such, we made up flyers and posted them all around the con announcing our show.

Click here to see the flyer.

Shore Leave 29
July 13-15, 2007
Marriott Hunt Valley Inn
Baltimore, Maryland

Star Trek Eras Playing Cards - Shore Leave 2007

Co-Producer Jim Caswell poses with winners of a "Big Bang" CD and signed script.

USS Southern Cross Opening Cerimonies
August 11, 2007
Writer's Centre
Adelaide, South Australia

The USS Southern Cross, a Star Trek correspondence club in Australia and New Zealand, held their opening cerimonies and asked us to provide a personalized message from our series. With the help of Kirok (a member of the group), the following short video was produced.

Click here to hear the greeting we sent to them and here to see the video.

WindyCon 34
November 9-11, 2007
Wyndham O'Hare Hotel
Rosemont, Illinois

Star Trek Eras Playing Cards - WindyCon 2007

To celebrate our one-year anniversary, Star Trek: Eras returned to our local science fiction convention, WindyCon. In addition to using the playing card promotions, signed scripts and CDs of our first two episodes, we also donated items to Windycon's art show auction charity, Obesity Fund. Between autographed scripts, CDs and auctioning off a guest role in our upcoming fourth episode, we managed to raise $82 for charity.

Co-Producer Doug Zeitlin poses with winners of "To Err Is Human" and "Big Bang" CDs and signed scripts.

An auction runner displays a signed script and CD pack to the audience.
Click here to see the Casting for Charity flyer.

NDBMedia Interview
December 15, 2009

Follow the link for Jim and Doug's first interview on NDBMedia, a globally-recognized online radio blog, about TWERPs.

NDBMedia Interview
September 19, 2010

Jim and Doug's second interview on NDBMedia about TWERPs, specifically focusing on Star Trek: Eras.