The Doctor - Shattered Dimensions

The Audio Series


Ø      Copyright Laws:

1.      TimeWell Electronic Recording Productions is in no way attempting to infringe upon the BBC's copyright and trademark rights with respect to Doctor Who.

2.      TWERPs makes no money, solicits no funding, and makes no BBC-produced copyrighted material publicly available in formats that would impinge on the BBC's ability to continue to make money from their trademark and ownership of Doctor Who.

3.      Our performers receive no monetary or gift compensation for their efforts. All performers do so out of love for the art and the source material.

4.      TWERPs is a not-for-profit organization.


Ø      Casting Information:

1.      Parties may audition for cast parts by submitting a vista to

2.      Casting will be done on an as-needed basis through auditions. MP3 or WAV files are required for auditions over the Internet, or may be done in person if easier for all parties involved. Casting results will be released to all interested parties.

3.      Upon accepting a role with TWERPs, performers are expected to submit recordings in a timely fashion, either through home recording and shipment through e-mail or by scheduling an appointment with the TWERP studio. The producers will provide significant notification in advance to ensure ample time to arrange schedules accordingly, barring prior commitments and/or family emergencies.


Ø      Script Submissions:

1.      All story submissions must be pre-approved prior to remittance. Any unsolicited submissions will be returned unopened and unread. Parties may request permission to submit story outlines and/or treatments by addressing requests to

2.      All solicited submissions are subject to editorial revisions and will be “Roddenberryed” (edited for content and spirit to match the overall tone of the series).

3.      Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any way.

4.      Anyone interested in submitting fan-fic short stories not meant for production may feel free to do so. Fan-fic stories will not be considered canon, but please feel free to participate in our sector of the universe.

5.      Fan-fic creations may be submitted for publication on our website with full credit to the author. We reserve the right, however, to remove or reject stories that don’t meet our standards and practices.