C2E2 2011

Batman, Ms. Marvel, Firestar and Superman team up for a cross-promotional photo op


Our first 11th Doctor of the day, complete with his very own Amy Pond

Dr. Zeitlin's Horrible Sing-Along Blog

The 10th incarnation of The Doctor

Tahmoh Penikett at the autograph tables

Eliza Dushku at the autograph tables

A classic Catwoman from the comics

The mistress of magic, Zatanna. Say "Eseehc!"

Jim Caswell poses with Ms. Marvel (and manages to look at the camera)

Another 11th Doctor. Matt Smith's Doctor was very popular at the con this year. I think it's the bow tie. Bow ties are cool.

Godzilla -- thankfully without Godzooky

Green Arrow on the hunt for The Comedian

Our first Supergirl of the con

The Comedian and the Black Canary. Don't let Ollie find out

This is not the droid you're looking for

Another DC / Marvel teamup, this time with The Batman, Superman, Catwoman and Wolverine

Hey buddy, look out behind you!

Was that the droid I was looking for?

Our first Poison Ivy of the con

It gets kind of warm, standing this close to the Firestar

Scott and Jean hadn't even gotten into the con before the cameras started flashing

Why so serious? Maybe because you're holding a knife in my face!

Tigra makes grown men purrrrrr

Don't worry, we weren't so distracted by Tigra to see there was another Black Canary in the background

Speaking of distractions -- Ladies and drooling men everywhere: Power Girl!

Feeling bad never felt so good

One really tall Chewbacca

Mista Jokah and Harley are looking for someone to play with

Pon farr anyone?

Apocalypse? Now?

Lady Deathstryke

Talk about your X-nightmares -- Mojo and The Juggernaut team up

Another cross-promotion, this time with The Ghost teaming up with the Scarlet Witch, Mister Sinister and Wiccan

A Mandalorian Commando

Oh yeah, we went to panels too! This was the DC Icons panel. Dan DiDio is the one looking at the camera

The generational divide. Doug's mom mistook the South Park character for one from Flash Gordon

It all worked out. Sue agreed to check out South Park and the girls wanted to see Flash Gordon

I don't know who this character is, but she's hot! If you recognize the costume, drop me a line so I can change the caption. :)


A supreme being, huh? I can see that

Our last Supergirl of the con, with many in between

It wouldn't be a con without at least one Slave Leia

Batwoman was the last member of the Bat Family seen

I'm not sure if she was a female version of the Joker or alternate dimension Harlequin, the Joker's Daughter. Either way, the Batman's arch nemesis has never looked so good

The Middleman reunion panel

The stars of Middleman: Natalie Morales and Matt Keeslar

Middleman supporting cast Brit Morgan (now on True Blood) and Mary Pat Gleason