The New Green Hornet

The Audio Series


Dan Reid III / The Green Hornet

As a ten year old, Danny was exposed to things that made him wise beyond his years, creating a mixture of youthful idealism coupled with more than his share of despair. He was an excellent student, very observant to the world around him. It took only a couple of weeks for him to discover the dual identity of Paul and the heritage his family carries, enabling him to look upon Paul as a role model while all his peers viewed the Green Hornet as a villain. It was always Dan's goal to someday take over the mantle of the Green Hornet, and he secretly dedicated his life in preparation for the role. He begged his cousin-in-law Mishi to train him in the martial arts, often studying next to Kano when he became old enough to join in the lessons. When he graduated from college, he worked his way up the ladder at Sentinel NewsCorp, clearly destined to take over the company when his father was ready to retire. That day came when he was twenty-five, when his father was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, dying six months later. As the CEO of Sentinel NewsCorp and Editor-in-Chief of their newspaper, he was one of the first to learn that the Green Hornet had returned, being accused of the attack on Paul and Mishi Reid. Knowing the truth and feeling the guilt of not being the one to face the challenge, Dan becomes the Green Hornet to find the true culprit and stem the tide of crime in the city.

Kano Reid

The only child of Paul Reid and Mishi Kato, Kano Alan Reid was named after his deceased maternal grandfather and his father's brother. He was given the best of opportunities and was allowed to indulge in any interest that crossed his mind. He excelled in music (an obvious inheritance from Paul, who was a concert pianist) and started training with his mother and cousin in martial arts from an early age. He also loved studying over the latest automotive specs with Mishi and was torn between automotive engineering and graphic design in college while entering his senior year of high school. But that was before the ambush on the Green Hornet.


Mishi Kato

As the only daughter of Ikano Kato and his second wife, Mishi is a full generation younger than her three brothers. She was not even born when her oldest brother left for America to assist Britt Jr. It was while getting her masters in engineering that she received the call from her father, requesting her to take up the family debt of honor. After a few years of working together, Paul and Mishi fell in love, got married, and had a son. With the birth of Kano and a decline of crime in the city, they agreed that it was time for the Green Hornet to retire. This status remained the same for almost a decade until the underground network started buzzing again that a new kingpin was moving in. With Dan out of town on business, the pair decided to come out of retirement to face the challenge to disasterous consequences.

Captain Clay Williams

When the Green Hornet resurfaces, Captain Williams is put in charge of the task force assigned to tracking down the criminal mastermind.

Michele Axford

Much like the Reid family, the Axfords have been an active force for journalism in the city. Michael Axford Sr. started his career as a police officer, leaving the force to play bodyguard to a young Britt after being injured on duty. When Britt grew up and eventually took over the Sentinel, Mike became a reporter covering the police beat as well as still keeping a protective eye on his boss. Michael's brother, Timothy, eventually had a son and Mike Axford Jr. admired his uncle, wanting to emulate his life. He likewise joined the city's police department, only to retire after five years to pursue a writing career with the Sentinel. He worked hard to prove himself, becoming one of the leading investigative reporters for his generation. Mike found and fell in love with a good Irish woman in his late fifties, breaking the pattern of his uncle's life. Michelle Axford proved to be the only offspring of that union. She likewise wanted to pursue the journalistic vein, but chose to bypass the police fieldwork aspect. Having lost her father to heart disease in her early teens, Michelle was practically adopted by half the police force. These relationships translated into contacts once she graduated with her bachelors in journalism, which she used to establish herself as an exemplary newshound, often right in the middle of the action to cover the story. In addition to being the premiere beat reporter for the Daily Sentinel, she is also one of the lead contributors to, the company's online news source.

Barry Wilkinson

Barry is an old-school journalist with ink running through his veins. He started as a cub reporter in his teens working for Brett Sr. at the Daily Sentinel. When Brett Jr. took over the newspaper and expanded it into television with DSTV, Barry was promoted to an assistant editor position, eventually working his way up to senior news editor. It was under his tutelage that Dan had hands-on training in journalism and continues to serve as the younger man's right hand man at the newspaper. Handling the day-to-day operations of the paper, he is the second most powerful man at SentinelCorp.

Maurice "Maury" Monroe

Maury began his broadcasting career for DSTV as a field reporter in the late 1960's, just as the second Green Hornet was beginning his career. While Axford pursued the Hornet for the Daily Sentinel, Monroe advocates through television. He builds a career around this pursuit, winning awards in broadcasting and earning a spot on the anchor team. Now, Monroe is the old veteran of DSTV News, often providing soft news stories and editorials. Ready to give in to the pressures for retirement, Maury gets a new lease on his career with the immergence of a new Green Hornet.

Sheureka Caulfield

As the newest member of the DSTV news anchor team and one of the lead bloggers for, it is believed that Sheureka has been hired for her beauty and ethnicity, not journalistic talents. This diagnosis is in error, however, as she has been hired away from one of the local news teams in New York City. Having cut her teeth on such news stories as 9/11, she is an accomplished broadcaster. In this new environment, however, she is seen as DSTV's attempt to put a pretty face on the screen.

Alejandro "Alex" Torres

Alex has been Kano's best friend since fourth grade when he transferred into the school from one of the lower income communities. His parents had scrimped and saved to put away enough money to move to a better area of the city for their children. This didn't stop the kids from making fun of Alex, calling him names and bullying him. It was Kano stepping in and defending him during one such occurrence that broke the string of abuse (and the bully's nose) and formed the friendship. The two boys remain friends in high school and Alex's younger sister (by one year), Pilar, has had a long-standing crush on Kano.