Derrick Geist

The Audio Series


Derrick Geist

Born and raised traveling the world, Derrick grew up with the biggest of backyards. When Derrick was fifteen, he received word that his parents were missing in action in Paris, France. The circumstance behind their disappearance was shrouded in mystery, and in spite of hiring the best investigators from around the world, no sign was found of where they disappeared. He stayed in school, focusing on studying everything from criminal justice to archeology; anything that would help him eventually become a master of all things adventurous. He has also studied an extensive array of combat forms.

Mitrajit "Ajit" Singh

Heinrich first encountered the founder of the Singh family in 1945 during the transition from British rule to the Indian National Congress. It was at this time that Heinrich rescued Mitrajit and took his new friend back to England with him. Decades later, young Derrick met Mitrajit, the master of household affairs, and his son - "Ajit" - whom he played with as a child. Ajit pursued degrees in multiple fields of interest from universities ranging from Oxford and Yale to University of Illinois and University of India. Some of his points of study included acting, art, medicine, law and education and includes a fluid mastery of nine different languages. Likewise, he is an expert in several forms of martial arts, mysticism and the occult, including Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Paganism, Hinduism and Buddhism. These skills, however, he keeps hidden from the general populous. Ajit is acutely aware that prejudice and bigotry run rampant throughout the world. He often employs a rough, stereotypical accent, and let his peers underestimate his abilities.

Lindsey "Lens Cap" Capparelli

When her father gave Lindsey her first camera at the age of seven, she became the terror of family reunions, snapping pictures wherever she went. She spent all of her free time in darkrooms and saved every cent she earned working part time jobs to buy the best camera she could find. It was quite clear to everyone that she should become a professional photographer. As such, she started making a name for herself among the paparazzi. As is a strong-willed woman and fully capable of carrying her own weight, standing up for what she believes to be right, but also willing to learn from new experiences.


Heinrich Geist

Heinrich Geist was to be the greatest track athlete known to Germany in the 1930's, and could have potentially stolen the gold from Jessie Owens at the 1936 Summer Olympics until a charismatic wallpaper hanger grew in power. Having the foresight to see Hitler's stance of Aryan superiority for what it was, he chose to leave his fatherland and turn his back on his chances of global recognition. Defecting to England, he was soon recruited by the British Secret Intelligence Service as an agent of MI6. Initially believed to be a double agent, he was closely watched and fed false information as part of the "double cross" system run by MI5. Once he proved himself loyal to his new homeland, he was taken on in full and sent back to the country of his birth to act as an espionage agent. After the Allies won the war, he continued his work as a British spy until 1961, when he took the advise of his supervisors to enter semi-retirement and begin work as an instructor at SIS Headquarters, acting as an advisor and mentor to the next generation of spies. In 1985, he left the service, retiring to his home in Hastings Hill. When his son and daughter-in-law disappeared in 1991, he sponsored a worldwide search and established a global network. Now in his late eighties with failing health, Heinrich wishes he still had the strength to go on the search for his son himself, but realizes that this is a young man's world and that his grandson is the man to conquer it.

Jeremy the Butler

While the true nature of the origins of the gruff and powerful man known only as Jeremy is kept secret from everyone, he has served as a constant companion on the Geist family's travels. In that time, he has picked up many useful talents. Not only is he a skilled combatant (many of which he has taught Derrick over the years), but is also an excellent driver, pilot and cook. Any time a member of the Geist family went to learn a new skill set, Jeremy would often accompany them and master the talent as well.

Walter M. Wechsler

Walter started out on the bottom rung of the Talbot Broadcasting and Publications Company as a gopher for WTBC radio. Working his way up through the ranks through diligence and hard work, he drew the attention of his superiors, who pushed him to test the limitations of his ability. It was around the time he became the associate producer of news for the station that he met Gwyneth, the owners daughter who was doing an internship to finish her degree. As he continued to rise in the hierarchy of TBC, Gwyneth's father passed away and she was expected to take over the family business. By this time, however, she was only interested in continuing her journeys with her husband and appointed Walter to the role of interim CEO in her absence. He excelled in this role, continuing the growth of the company into all forms of entertainment.


Maurice Fauré

Maurice has been the manager of the Hôtel Ritz for the past thirty years. Hired under the reign of the Ritz family, he stayed on after the hotel was sold to Mohamed Al-Fayed, Egyptian businessman and father of Dodi, in 1979. It was in this position that he developed a working relationship and friendship with Reggie and Gwen Geist, acting as a reliable informant when the unusual infringed upon the lives of Paris' rich and famous.

José Ramírez

Named after the famous 19th century guitar maker, Jose was the grandson of Mexican-Americans who lived in Texas during its succession from Mexico, becoming part of the United States. As a US citizen, he served in the Army during the Second World War, finding himself on the front lines in Germany. It was during this time that he met Heinrich Geist, who worked for the British government. When Jose's platoon found themselves in the middle of a firefight after Heinrich, fleeing from German soldiers, literally ran into their midst, they saved the agent's life through happenstance. Ever since that day, Heinrich has declared that he owes his life to Jose and his fellow soldiers - a debt he has repaid multiple times over the years. After the war was over, Jose spent a few years in Texas before moving back to Mexico to take advantage of the ejido program, receiving a piece of communal land to farm. Creating a home for himself and his new family, he embraced the life of a farmer. His former experiences in World War II and his association with the Geist family also made him the unofficial guardian of the area against all supernatural and extra-dimensional influxes. When land transfers were enabled in 1992, Jose called upon his friend Heinrich for help and managed to acquire not only his own property, but also a few surrounding farms. As his crops began turning a profit for him, he was able to repay the loan and establish himself as a pillar of the community. Spreading his strong work and moral ethic to his children, they have likewise excelled in their areas of expertise. Several of them have built themselves into successful businessmen, doctors and lawyers. Each generation, though, looks back at "El Patron" (the patron of the family) for leadership and example of what it means to be a success in life.

Luis Ramírez Jr.

Luis is the eldest son of the eldest son of the eldest son of Jose's eldest son. With success an expectation on his life, he prepares to enter college without a clear purpose; he has almost too many options available to him. Instead of striving to be the best, he has skated along and underachieved as a defense mechanism against having to make major decisions. Thus his visit to el Patron. During his time on the farm, Luis is quick to embrace Jose's way of life and will probably strive to follow in his great-grandfather's footsteps someday.

Gabriela "Gabby" Ramírez

As the eldest daughter of Luis Ramirez Sr., the world is wide open to Gabriela. Luis has established himself as a member of the management staff for Mexico's Mercedes-Benz production facilities, serving as the intermediary for the corporation in Germany and the plants in his homeland. As such, she has been given every advantage possible, including attending one of America's foremost universities. Having been given everything in life, however, Gaby has developed a bit of a princess mentality; expecting everything to come easy. She has been sent to visit her great-grandfather for the summer to learn life lessons like the need to work for what you want and to not take too much for granted. While she has started the process of learning these life lessons, she will expect to win the heart of Ajit immediately through her beauty and privilege rather than realize that what she wants is not available or attainable.

Mike Wayne and Veronica

As the owner and head waitress of the new Chicago nightclub Vantage Point, Mike and Veronica were two of the first people Derrick added to the network. After their encounter at the grand opening of the club, Wayne gained a begrudging respect for the millionaire playboy. Both of the nightclub workers are in a unique position to see and hear much of the news in the Chicagoland community and are willing to convey that information back to Geist.

Gillian Lynch

Gillian Lynch is considered "new money" within high society, making his fortune in stocks and investments in the market. He is often portrayed as a philanthropist, donating cash to inner-city schools, but is better known for being a globe-trotting socialite. While presumably seen as a peer to Derrick Geist, his goals and viewpoint tend to be more similar to what the press portrays Geist as, in opposed to who he really is. In spite of the differences, Lynch has a strong interest in Derrick and wants to establish a working relationship, though his end goals are unknown.