A Galaxy Class vessel of the Federation.

The Cochrane is not actively played anymore,
but their adventures shall continue as part of

This ship has a highly controversial design. The recreation deck has been completely eliminated, as most activities can be duplicated in the holodeck. In its place, almost the entire forward section of deck 10 has been converted to a civilian "Board Walk", almost making the Cochrane a mobile space station with the largest civilian crew in Starfleet. The centerpiece of the board walk is an expanded 10-forward. It also has a real grass park with band shell, a fine dining restaurant (dress uniforms required), a franchise of "Quarks", and other entertainment attractions. This board walk is meant to remind the military personal what they are fighting for and to hold diplomatic functions that show foreign dignitaries what the Federation is all about.

This vessel will be one of exploration, but may occasionally be called upon to act as a showpiece, demonstrating both military might and civilian grandeur. Some in Starfleet see this as a conflict of interest, others as a logical extension of Federation policies.

The timeframe of this game is set immediately following Star Trek: Nemesis.

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Mission Logs:
Prelude - Utopia Planitia
"Fantasy Planet"