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    Captain Jonathan Archer
  1. Captain of U.S.S. Enterprise NX-01
  2. Earth's First Transwarp Exploration Vessel
  3. Signed the charter for the original Federation alliance
  4. Commander T'Pol
  5. Vulcan First Officer / Science Officer
  6. Assigned to "consult" the Enterprise through their first deep space mission
  7. Surrendered commission from Vulcan Command
  8. Stayed with Enterprise when assigned to the Delphic Expanse
  9. Given Starfleet commission on return
  10. Commander Charlie "Trip" Tucker
  11. Chief Engineer
  12. Sister killed in Xindi attack on Earth
  13. In an on-again-off-again relationship with T'Pol
  14. Believed to have died during ship's final mission
  15. Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
  16. Armory Officer
  17. Former Section 31 operative
  18. Took command of the MACOs after Hayes death
  19. Ensign Travis Mayweather
  20. Helmsman
  21. Boomer (Born in Outer Space)
  22. Ensign Hoshi Sato
  23. Communications Officer
  24. Responsible for major advancements in universal translator program
  25. Doctor Phlox
  26. Denoblian Chief Medical Officer
  27. Member of the Vulcan Interspecies Medical Exchange Program
  28. Cured the Klingons of the Augment virus, making them appear human

    Major Joss Hayes
  30. Chief Military Assault Command Operations Officer
  31. MACOs assigned to Enterprise when sent into the Delphic Expanse
  32. Killed in rescue of Ensign Sato
      Characters and events depicted in NOVELIZATIONS ONLY designated by *
      Captain Christopher Pike
    2. Captain of U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
    3. Promoted to Fleet Captain in 2265 and replaced by Kirk
    4. Lt. Commander Eunice "Number 1" Robbins
    5. First Officer
    6. Also known as Morgan Primus-Lefler
    7. Doctor (Lt. Commander) Philip Boyce
    8. Chief Medical Officer
    9. Lieutenant Michael "Burnie" Burnstein *
    10. Chief Engineer
    11. Lieutenant J.G. Spock
    12. Chief Science Officer
    13. Lieutenant Dabisch *
    14. Galamite Communications Officer
    15. Lieutenant Jose Tyler
    16. Helmsman
    17. Yeoman J. Mia Colt
    18. Captain's Assistant
    19. RETIRED

      Captain Robert April
    20. 1st Captain of U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
    21. Became Ambassador in 2250 and replaced by Pike
    22. Doctor Sarah April
    23. 1st Chief Medical Officer of U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
    24. Retired in 2250 with her husband
      1. STAR TREK
        Captain James Tiberius Kirk
      2. Captain of U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
        (Constitution Class / 2245 - 2285)
      3. and U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A
        (Constitution Class / 2286 - 2293)
      4. Commander Spock
      5. Chief Sciences Officer and First Officer
      6. ½ Vulcan, Ambassador Sarek is his father
      7. Served under Pike before Kirk's reign
      8. Replaced Mitchell after his death
      9. Doctor (Lt. Commander) Leonard "Bones" McCoy
      10. Chief Medical Officer
      11. Lt. Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
      12. Chief Engineer
      13. Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
      14. Chief Communications Officer
      15. Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
      16. Helmsman
      17. Ensign Pavel Chekov
      18. Navigation and Weapons Officer
      19. SUPPORT CREW

        Christine Chapel
      20. Nurse /Secondary Medical Officer
      21. DECEASED

        Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell
      22. First Officer and Navigator
      23. Killed by Kirk to save the ship at the Delta Vega Mining Facility.
      24. Commander Willard Decker
      25. First Officer
      26. 4th Captain of the Enterprise until Kirk regained command
      27. Sacrificed himself to stop V'Ger
      28. Lieutenant Ilia
      29. Deltan Helmsman
      30. Taken by V'Ger as a Communication host

        Yeoman Janice Rand
      32. Captain's Assistant
      33. Lieutenant Arex Na Eth
      34. Triexian Helmsman
      35. Time travelled into future to join U.S.S. Trident
      36. (Seen only in animated series)
      37. Lieutenant Shiboline M'Ress
      38. Caitian Junior Engineering and Communications Officer
      39. Time travelled into future to join U.S.S. Trident
      40. (Seen only in animated series)
          U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-D
          Captain Jean-Luc Picard
        2. Captain of U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D
          (Galaxy Class / 2363 - 2371)
        3. and U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E
          (Sovereign Class / 2372 - )
        4. Commander William T. Riker
        5. First Officer
        6. Left to become Captain of the U.S.S. Titan
        7. Lt. Commander Data
        8. Android Chief Operations Officer
        9. Destroyed stopping the Reman destroyer from attacking Enterprise
        10. Doctor (Commander) Beverly Crusher
        11. Chief Medical Officer
        12. Widowed single mother
        13. Husband died under Picard's command
        14. Counselor (Lt. Commander) Deanna Troi
        15. Ship Counselor
        16. ½ Betazoid Empath
        17. Married Captain Riker
        18. Transferred to U.S.S. Titan
        19. Lieutenant Worf, Son of Morg
        20. Klingon Chief of Security
        21. Transfered to DS9 after destruction of Enterprise-D
        22. Returned to Enterprise after serving as Klingon Ambassador
        23. First Klingon officer in Starfleet
        24. Lieutenant Geordi LaForge
        25. Chief Engineer
        26. Blind man who formerly saw with a VISOR/now implants
        27. Guinian
        28. El-Aurian Hostess of Ten-Forward
        29. DECEASED

          Lieutenant Tasha Yar
        30. Chief of Security
        31. Deceased - See Enterprise NCC-1701-C
        32. Lieutenant Sean Hawk
        33. Conn Officer
        34. Died during Borg incursion into Earth's past
        35. TRANSFERRED

          Doctor Katherine Polaski
        36. Chief Medical Officer
        37. Temporary replacement of Dr. Crusher during the second year of the mission
        38. Was deamed 'different' than the rest of the crew by an alien entity
        39. Ensign Robin Lefler
        40. Engineering Officer
        41. Wesley Crusher
        42. Dr. Crusher's son
        43. Former acting Ensign and Conn Officer
        44. Former Starfleet cadet
        45. Former galactic traveler
        46. Chief Miles O'Brien
        47. Transporter Chief
        48. Transferred to Deep Space Nine
        49. Doctor Selar
        50. Vulcan Medical Officer
        51. Lieutenant Roe Laren
        52. Bajoran Conn Officer
        53. Former Militia Soldier
        54. Left Starfleet to join The Marquis
        55. Lieutenant Reginald Barclay
        56. System Diagnostics
        57. Transferred to Earth for Pathfinder Project - created to get Voyager home
            Captain Benjamin Sisko
          2. Commanding Officer of Space Station Deep Space 9
            (f/k/a Tarok Nor under Cardassian rule
            Taken over by the Federation in 2369)
          3. Captain of the U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205
            (Defiant Class / 2368 - 2375)
          4. and U.S.S. Defiant NCC-75633
            (f/k/a Sao Paulo - Defiant Class / 2374 - )
          5. Joined the Prophets after battling Par Wraiths
          6. Major Kira Nerys
          7. Bajoran First Officer
          8. Ex-resistance fighter against the Cardassians
          9. Received honorary Starfleet commission during Dominion War
          10. Doctor (Lieutenant) Julian Bashir
          11. Genetically Engineered Chief Medical Officer
          12. Chief Miles O'Brien
          13. Chief Operations Officer / Engineer
          14. Transferred to DS9 from Enterprise-D
          15. Became Engineering Professor at Starfleet after Dominion War
          16. Constable Odo
          17. Shapeshifter Chief of Security
          18. Exiled member of Dominion Founders
          19. Returned to the Great Link with plague cure
          20. Lt. Commander Worf, son of Mogh
          21. Klingon Tactical Officer
          22. First officer of the I.K.C. TaChang
          23. Came to DS9 after Enterprise-D destroyed
          24. Married Jadzia Dax aboard DS9
          25. Adopted into the House of Martog
          26. Became Federation Ambassador to Kronos after Dominion War
          27. Lieutenant J.G. Ezri Dax
          28. Joined Trill Station Counselor
          29. Received Dax symbiant after Jadzia
          30. SUPPORT CREW

            Lieutenant J.G. Nog
          31. Ferengi Engineer
          32. Quark's nephew and son of Rom
          33. First Ferengi in Starfleet
          34. Graduated Starfleet Academy during Federation / Dominion War
          35. Assigned to DS9
          36. Lost leg at the Siege of AR-558
          37. Quark
          38. Ferengi Community Leader
          39. Host of station casino
          40. Vic Fontaine
          41. Holographic Singer / Host
          42. Most popular program in Quark's Bar
          43. Rom
          44. Ferengi Non-Starfleet Engineer
          45. Brother of Quark, Father of Nog
          46. Grand Nagus of Ferengi Empire after Zek
          47. Leeta
          48. Bajoran wife of Rom
          49. Dabo girl in Quark's Casino
          50. Became first lady of Ferenganar
          51. General Martog
          52. Klingon Ambassador to DS9
          53. Captain of the I.K.C. TaChang (2473)
          54. and I.K.C. Rotarran (2474 - 2475)
          55. High Chancellor of Klingon Empire after Gawron was killed by Worf
          56. Casiday Yates
          57. Transport Captain employed by Bajorans
          58. Married Sisko, is mother to his second child
          59. Jake Sisko
          60. Captain Sisko's son
          61. Keiko Ishikawa O'Brien
          62. Hydroponics Engineer on Bajor
          63. Wife of O'Brien, mother to his two children
          64. Resigned commission when transferred
          65. Returned to Earth with her husband
          66. Eelam Garak
          67. Cardassian Tailor
          68. Ex-Obsidian Order Agent exiled on DS9
          69. Returned home after the Dominion War
          70. DECEASED

            Lt. Commander Michael Eddington
          71. Head of Starfleet Security
          72. Defected to Marquis
          73. Starfleet Security Officers placed under Odo's command after his defection.
          74. Arrested by Sisko
          75. Died rescuing remaining Marquis from Dominion attack.
          76. Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax
          77. Joined Trill Chief Sciences Officer
          78. Received Dax Symbiant after Ambassador Kerzon
          79. Married Worf aboard DS9
          80. Killed while protecting an orb of the prophets
          81. STAR TREK: VOYAGER
            Captain Katheryn Janeway
          82. Captain of U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
            (Intrepid Class / 2370 - )
          83. Commander Chakotay
          84. First Officer
          85. Native American leader of Marquis
          86. Lt. Commander Tuvok
          87. Vulcan Chief of Security
          88. Starfleet career started aboard Excelsior
          89. Lieutenant B'elanna Torres
          90. Chief Engineer
          91. ½ Klingon Marquis member
          92. Married Tom Paris aboard Voyager
          93. Lieutenant Tom Paris
          94. Conn Officer
          95. Son of Admiral Owen Paris
          96. Ex-Marquis member until captured
          97. Released to Voyager to hunt down Marquis
          98. Assigned as Helmsman in Delta Quadrant
          99. Married B'elanna Torres aboard Voyager
          100. Ensign Harry Kim
          101. Ops / Communications Officer
          102. The Doctor
          103. Holographic Chief Medical Officer
          104. Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH)
          105. Annica "Seven of Nine" Hensen
          106. Stellar Cryptography
          107. Kidnapped by Borg as child
          108. Rescued by Voyager crew in Delta Quadrant
          109. Neelix
          110. Talaxian Delta Quadrant Ambassador
          111. Served as Guide / Cook / Moral Officer
          112. Resident of Delta Quadrant
          113. Left Voyager while still in Delta Quadrant
          114. SUPPORT CREW

            Naomi Wildman
          115. ½ Catarian Captain's Assistant
          116. First child born aboard Voyager
          117. DECEASED

            Lt. Commander Aaron Cavit
          118. First Officer
          119. Died during travel to Delta Quadrant
          120. Doctor (Lt. Commander) Fitzpatrick
          121. Chief Medical Officer
          122. Died during travel to Delta Quadrant
          123. Lieutenant Alexander Honigsberg
          124. Chief Engineer
          125. Died during travel to Delta Quadrant
          126. Lieutenant Veronica Stadi
          127. Betazoid Conn Officer
          128. Died during travel to Delta Quadrant
          129. Ensign Seska
          130. Engineering and Science Officer
          131. Cardassian Infultrator to Marquis group
          132. Defected to Kazon Sect
          133. Inpregnated herself with Chakotay's DNA
          134. RETIRED

          135. Nurse / Field Medic
          136. Ocampa race, with a life cycle of 10 years
          137. Resident of Delta Quadrant
          138. Left ship after evolving into superior being
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