Angel Grove
    Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott
  1. Tyrannosaurus Dinozord
  2. Red Dragon Thunderzord
  3. Original leader of the Power Rangers
  4. Group jock
  5. Left to join the world peace conference in Switzerland
  6. Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart
  7. Pterodactyl Dinozord
  8. Firebird Thunderzord
  9. The popular girl / Acrobat
  10. Blue Ranger Billy Cranston
  11. Triceratops Dinozord
  12. Unicorn Thunderzord
  13. The brains of the group
  14. Black Ranger Zack Taylor
  15. Mastodon Dinozord
  16. Lion Thunderzord
  17. The dancer / musician
  18. Left to join the world peace conference in Switzerland
  19. Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan
  20. Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord
  21. Griffin Thunderzord
  22. The quite one
  23. Left to join the world peace conference in Switzerland
  24. White Ranger Tommy Oliver
  25. Dragonzord
  26. Tigerzord
  27. The new kid in town
  28. Turned into the evil Green Ranger by Rita Repulsa
  29. Turned good by Pink Ranger
  30. Became White Ranger when Green powers faded

  31. Zordon
  32. Alien resident of Eltare
  33. Established Command Center
  34. Recruited the Power Rangers to battle Rita Repulsa

  35. Alpha 5
  36. Android assistant to Zordon
      Angel Grove
      White Ranger Tommy Oliver
    2. Falconzord
    3. White Shogun Zord
    4. Officially became leader when Jason left
    5. Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart
    6. Crane Ninja Zord
    7. Left to join the Pan Global Games
    8. Blue Ranger Billy Cranston
    9. Wolf Ninja Zord
    10. Blue Shogun Zord
    11. Gave up Power Ranger powers when team went Zeo
    12. Became group advisor / inventor
    13. Went to Aquitar after started rapid aging
    14. Red Ranger Rocky DeSantos
    15. Ape Ninja Zord
    16. Red Shogun Zord
    17. Took over the Red Ranger powers from Jason
    18. Black Ranger Adam Park
    19. Frog Ninja Zord
    20. Black Shogun Zord
    21. Took over the Black Ranger powers from Zack
    22. Yellow Ranger Aisha Campbell
    23. Bear Ninja Zord
    24. Yellow Shogun Zord
    25. Took over the Yellow Ranger powers from Trini
    26. Decided to stay in Africa after loosing powers
    27. Send Tanya in her place to become Yellow Ranger

    28. Ninjor
    29. Gave Rangers Ninja Zords after they lost powers
        Angel Grove
        Red Ranger Tommy Oliver
      2. Zeo Zord Five
      3. Super Zeo Zord Five
      4. Took over Red Ranger when team went Zeo
      5. Retired after team went Turbo
      6. Pink Ranger Katherine "Kat" Hillard
      7. Zeo Zord One
      8. Super Zeo Zord One
      9. Moved to Angel Grove from Australia
      10. Kidnapped to work against the Rangers
      11. Being befriended by Kimberly broke the spell
      12. Given Pink Ranger powers when Kimberly left
      13. Retired after team went Turbo
      14. Blue Ranger Rocky DeSantos
      15. Zeo Zord Three
      16. Super Zeo Zord Three
      17. Became Blue Ranger when team went Zeo
      18. Took over Blue Ranger position from Billy
      19. Retired after back injury in martial arts match
      20. Green Ranger Adam Park
      21. Zeo Zord Four
      22. Super Zeo Zord Four
      23. Retired after team went Turbo
      24. Yellow Ranger Tanya Sloan
      25. Zeo Zord Two
      26. Super Zeo Zord Two
      27. Took over as Yellow Ranger when team went Zeo
      28. Retired after team went Turbo
      29. Gold Ranger Jason Lee Scott
      30. Pyramidas
      31. Warrior Wheel
      32. Recieved powers by an injured alien
      33. Relenquished powers when overwhelmed by them

      34. Gold Ranger Trey
      35. Pyramidas
      36. Warrior Wheel
      37. Came to earth to help fight Mondo
      38. Passed powers to Jason after being injured
      39. Reclaimed them when power overwhelmed Jason
          Rangers from planet Aquitar called in to help Zeos while transformed into children
          White Ranger Delphine
        2. White Battlezord
        3. The Leader
        4. Red Ranger Aurico
        5. Red Battlezord
        6. Field Commander
        7. Blue Ranger Cestro
        8. Blue Battlezord
        9. The Technical Expert
        10. Black Ranger Corcus
        11. Black Battlezord
        12. Yellow Ranger Tideus
        13. Yellow Battlezord
            Angel Grove
            Red Ranger Theodore Jarvis "T.J." Johnson
          2. Red Lightning
          3. Lightning Fire Tamer
          4. Took over as Red Ranger when Tommy retired
          5. Pink Ranger Cassie Chan
          6. Wind Chaser
          7. Wind Rescue
          8. Took over as Pink Ranger when Kat retired
          9. Green Ranger Carlos Vallerte
          10. Desert Thunder
          11. Thunder Loader
          12. Soccer Player
          13. Took over as Green Ranger when Adam retired
          14. Yellow Ranger Ashley Hammond
          15. Dune Star
          16. Star Racer
          17. Took over as Yellow Ranger when Tanya retired
          18. Blue Ranger Justin Stewart
          19. Mountain Blaster
          20. Siren Blaster
          21. Sent to become Blue Ranger after Rocky's back injury
          22. Stayed behind when Rangers went into space
          23. Phantom Ranger
          24. Artillatron
          25. Alien resident of Eltare
          26. Sent to earth by Zordon to help the Rangers
          27. Provided them with the Rescue Zords
          28. Left with Rangers to save Zordon
          29. Provided them with the Delta Megazord

          30. Dimitria
          31. Replaced Zordon as Power Rangers mentor

          32. Alpha 6
          33. Android assistant to Dimitria
              Deep Space
              Red Ranger Andros
            2. Astro Megazord
            3. Delta Megazord
            4. Mega V1
            5. Took over once the Rangers reached outer space
            6. Blue Ranger Theodore Jarvis "T.J." Johnson
            7. Mega V3
            8. Traveled into space to help save Zordon
            9. Became Blue Ranger when team went into space
            10. Black Ranger Carlos Vallerte
            11. Mega V2
            12. Traveled into space to help save Zordon
            13. Yellow Ranger Ashley Hammond
            14. Mega V4
            15. Traveled into space to help save Zordon
            16. Pink Ranger Cassie Chan
            17. Mega V5
            18. Traveled into space to help save Zordon
            19. Silver Ranger Zhane
            20. Mega Winger
            21. Old friend of Andros
            22. Cryogenicly frozen after battle
            23. Thawed after Andros recieved Delta Megazord

            24. Zordon
            25. After being kidnapped, was freed by Power Rangers
            26. Was sacrificed to stop the conglomeration of evil

            27. Alpha 5
            28. Android assistant to Zordon
                Terra Venture
                Red Ranger Leo Corbett
              2. Lion Galactazord
              3. Terra Venture stowaway
              4. Recieved Red Ranger powers after brother "died"
              5. Blue Ranger Kai Chen
              6. Gorilla Galactazord
              7. Terra Venture soldier
              8. Green Ranger Damon Henderson
              9. Condor Galactazord
              10. Astro Megaship Museum mechanic
              11. Yellow Ranger Maya
              12. Wolf Galactazord
              13. Local resident of Mirinoi
              14. Pink Ranger Karone
              15. Wildcat Galactazord
              16. Formerly evil princess Astronema
              17. Revieled to be Andros' missing twin sister
              18. Turned good by love from Shane
              19. Came to Terra Venture to save Pink Quazar Sword
              20. Became Pink Ranger after Kendrix's death
              21. Magna Defender Mike Corbett
              22. Torozord
              23. Terra Venture soldier
              24. Original Red Ranger
              25. Killed on first adventure
              26. Body posessed by Defender to avenge son's death
              27. Ressurected after Magna's vengeance achieved

              28. Alpha 5
              29. Stayed with the Astro Megaship after Zordon's death

              30. Pink Ranger Kendrix Morgan
              31. Wildcat Galactazord
              32. Terra Venture Scientist
              33. Sacrificed herself to save Terra Venture
              34. Resurrected when Quazar swords were returned
                  Mariner Bay
                  Red Ranger Carter Greyson
                2. Pyro Rescue One
                3. Rail Rescue One
                4. Omega Zord One
                5. Professional Fireman
                6. Pink Ranger Dana Mitchell
                7. MedRescue Five
                8. Rail Rescue Five
                9. Omega Zord Five
                10. Emergency Medical Technician
                11. Daughter of Aquabase CO Captain Mitchell
                12. Blue Ranger Chad Lee
                13. Hydro Rescue Two
                14. Rail Rescue Two
                15. Omega Zord Two
                16. Whale Trainer / Underwater Rescue Specialist
                17. Green Ranger Joel "Sky Cowboy" Rawlings
                18. Aero Rescue Three
                19. Rail Rescue Three
                20. Omega Zord Three
                21. Stunt Pilot
                22. Fell in love with Aquabase scientist Ms. Fairweather
                23. Yellow Ranger Kelsey Winslow
                24. HazRescue Four
                25. Rail Rescue Four
                26. Omega Zord Four
                27. Mountain Climber
                28. Titanium Ranger Ryan Mitchell
                29. Max Solarzord
                30. Dana's Missing Brother
                31. Originally used as weapon against the Rangers
                32. Won over by sister to fight for right

                33. Captain Mitchell
                34. CO of Aquabase and Lightspeed organization

                35. Ms. Fairweather
                36. Lightspeed scientist and inventor
                  1. POWER RANGERS: TIME FORCE
                    Silver Hills
                    Pink Ranger Jen Scotts
                  2. Time Flier 5
                  3. Leader of the Time Force officers
                  4. Red Ranger Wesley Collins
                  5. Time Flier 1
                  6. Modern-day ancestor of Alex
                  7. DNA needed to activate power morphers
                  8. Blue Ranger Lucas Kendall
                  9. Time Flier 2
                  10. Time Force Officer
                  11. Race car driver
                  12. Green Ranger Trip
                  13. Time Flier 3
                  14. An alien from the planet Xybria
                  15. Has psychic powers
                  16. Technological genius
                  17. Time Force Officer
                  18. Yellow Ranger Katie Walker
                  19. Time Flier 4
                  20. Genetically engineered super strength
                  21. Time Force Officer
                  22. Quantum Ranger Eric Myers
                  23. Quantasaurus Rex
                  24. Leader of the Silver Guardians (private security)
                  25. Former rival of Wesley's
                  26. Gained Quantum power and worked for Wes's father
                  27. Worked begrudgingly with Power Rangers
                  28. Shadow Ranger Alex
                  29. Time Shadow Megazord
                  30. Futuristic decendant of Wesley
                  31. Groups original Red Ranger
                  32. Believed dead after attacked in the futuristic timeline

                  33. Mr. Collins
                  34. Wes's father
                  35. Owner of BioLab conglomerate
                  36. Financial backer of Silver Guardians
                    1. POWER RANGERS: WILD FORCE
                      Turtle Cove
                      Red Ranger Cole Evans
                    2. Red Lion Zord
                    3. Green Gorilla Zord
                    4. Red Falcon Zord
                    5. Raised by a tribe in the Amazon
                    6. Yellow Ranger Lt. Taylor Earheart
                    7. Yellow Eagle Zord
                    8. Polar Bear Zord
                    9. Black Bear Zord
                    10. U.S. Air Force pilot
                    11. Wild Force leader before Cole's arrival
                    12. White Ranger Alyssa Enrile
                    13. White Tiger Zord
                    14. Elephant Zord
                    15. Deer Zord
                    16. College student
                    17. Black Ranger Danny Delgado
                    18. Black Bison Zord
                    19. Rhino Zord
                    20. Armdillo Zord
                    21. Professional gardener / flower shop worker
                    22. Strong man of the group
                    23. Blue Ranger Max Cooper
                    24. Blue Shark Zord
                    25. Giraffe Zord
                    26. The Kid
                    27. Former professional bowler
                    28. Lunar Ranger Merrick Baliton
                    29. Wolf Zord
                    30. Hammerhead Shark Zord
                    31. Alligator Zord
                    32. An original defender of Animarium
                    33. In love with Princess Shayla
                    34. Destroyed Master Org by using the wolf mask
                    35. Transformed into the evil Zen-Aku
                    36. Humanity returned when Dark Zord crystals destroyed
                    37. Worked begrudgingly with Power Rangers
                    38. Unable to forgive himself

                    39. Princess Shayla
                    40. Ancient guardian of Animaria
                    41. Reawakened when polution resurrected the Orgs
                    42. Gathered the Power Rangers together
                    43. Kite Animus
                    44. Ancient protector of Animaria
                    45. Destroyed by Master Org
                    46. Resurrected as a boy to guide the Power Rangers
                      1. POWER RANGERS: NINJA STORM
                        Blue Bay Harbor
                        Red Ranger Shane Clarke
                      2. Hawk Zord
                      3. Professional skateboarder
                      4. Apprentice at the Wind Ninja Academy
                      5. Studied Air Ninja style
                      6. Yellow Ranger Waldo "Dunstin" Brooks
                      7. Lion Zord
                      8. Motorcross dirtbike rider
                      9. Apprentice at the Wind Ninja Academy
                      10. Studied Land Ninja style
                      11. Blue Ranger Tori Hansen
                      12. Dolphin Zord
                      13. Surfer
                      14. Apprentice at the Wind Ninja Academy
                      15. Studied Water Ninja style
                      16. Crimson Ranger Hunter Bradley
                      17. Insectizord
                      18. Adoptive Parents killed by Lothor
                      19. Apprentice at the Thunder Ninja Academy
                      20. Brainwashed to fight against the Wind Rangers
                      21. Freed after visiting the Cavern of Spirits
                      22. Navy Ranger Blake Bradley
                      23. Beetlezord
                      24. Adoptive Parents killed by Lothor
                      25. Apprentice at the Thunder Ninja Academy
                      26. Brainwashed to fight against the Wind Rangers
                      27. Freed after visiting the Cavern of Spirits
                      28. Green Ranger Cameron Watanabe
                      29. Samurai Star Zord
                      30. Son of Sensai Kanoi
                      31. Time-travelled back get Samurai Amulet from mother

                      32. Sensei Kanoi Watanabe
                      33. Instructor of the Wind Ninja Academy
                      34. Lothor's brother
                      35. Turned into a gerbil when Lothor attacked the Ninjas
                      36. Returned to human by an accidental blast from Lothor

                      37. Kapri Watanabe
                      38. Daughter of Lothor
                      39. Joined Wind Ninja Academy after Lothor's defeat

                      40. Marah Watanabe
                      41. Daughter of Lothor
                      42. Joined Wind Ninja Academy after Lothor's defeat
                        1. POWER RANGERS: DINO THUNDER
                          Black Ranger Dr. Tommy Oliver
                        2. Brachio Zord
                        3. Cephala Zord
                        4. Para Zord
                        5. Dimetro Zord
                        6. Ankylo Zord
                        7. High school science teacher
                        8. Former Green Ranger with the original Rangers
                        9. Former White Ranger with the Ninja Rangers
                        10. Former Red Ranger with the Zeo Rangers
                        11. Doctor of paleontology
                        12. Helped create the dinozords
                        13. Dino Gem gives power of invisibility
                        14. Red Ranger / Triassic Ranger Conner McKnight
                        15. Tyranno Zord
                        16. Star soccer player
                        17. Dino Gem gives power of speed
                        18. Yellow Ranger Kira Ford
                        19. Ptera Zord
                        20. Rock singer
                        21. Dino Gem gives power of sonic scream
                        22. Blue Ranger Ethan James
                        23. Tricera Zord
                        24. Internet guru and champion on-line gamer
                        25. Dino Gem gives power of external armor
                        26. White Ranger Trent Fernandez
                        27. Drago Zord
                        28. Stega Zord
                        29. Artist
                        30. Son of Tommy's former partner, Anton Mercer
                        31. Works at Haley's Cyberspace
                        32. Dino Gem gives power of cloaking
                        33. Started out evil - Dino crystal corrupted by evil energy
                        34. Evil energy released after being tortured by Mezagog

                        35. Hayley Ziktor
                        36. College friend of Tommy's
                        37. Computer genius
                        38. Helped create the Dino Morphers and gadgets
                        39. Proprieter of Hayley's Cyberspace
                          1. POWER RANGERS: S.P.D. (SPACE PATROL DELTA)
                            SPD Academy, New Tech City
                            Shadow Ranger Anubis "Doggie" Cruger
                          2. Delta Command Megazord
                          3. Has physical characteristics of both human and dog
                          4. Commander of SPD Academy
                          5. Founding member of the S.P.D. Squadron
                          6. The sole survivor from his native star planet, Sirius
                          7. Red Ranger Jack Landors
                          8. Deltarunner 1 Zord
                          9. S.W.A.T. Flyer 1 Zord
                          10. Former thief with Robin Hood tendencies
                          11. Recruited to lead B Squad by Cruger
                          12. Has power of de-molecularization
                          13. Retired from S.P.D. after defeat of Emperor Gruumm
                          14. Blue Ranger Schuyler "Sky" Tate
                          15. Deltarunner 2 Zord
                          16. S.W.A.T. Flyer 2 Zord
                          17. Second generation Space Patrol Delta officer
                          18. Former leader of B Squad
                          19. Creates invisible force fields with his mind
                          20. Became Red Ranger when Jack retired
                          21. Green Ranger Bridge Carson
                          22. Deltarunner 3 Zord
                          23. S.W.A.T. Flyer 3 Zord
                          24. Has power of psychic tracking
                          25. Became Blue Ranger when Jack retired
                          26. Yellow Ranger Elizabeth "Z" Delgado
                          27. Deltarunner 4 Zord
                          28. S.W.A.T. Flyer 4 Zord
                          29. Landor's partner in crime
                          30. First to accept Cruger's offer to join B Squad
                          31. Has power of duplicating herself
                          32. Pink Ranger Sydney "Syd" Drew
                          33. Deltarunner 5 Zord
                          34. S.W.A.T. Flyer 5 Zord
                          35. Turns hands into any element she touches
                          36. Omega Ranger Sam
                          37. Omega Uniforce Cycle Zord
                          38. A future Ranger who has come back to assist S.P.D.
                          39. Trapped as a being of light while in the "past"
                          40. His present self is still a little boy
                          41. Has power of teleportation
                          42. Kat Ranger Dr. Katherine "Kat" Manx
                          43. An alien with cat-like features
                          44. R&D Supervisor for Power Rangers gadgets
                          45. Briefly given morpher to aide Rangers
                          46. Nova Ranger

                          47. Partner of Omega Ranger in the future
                          48. Traveled back to assist S.P.D. in their last battle

                          49. Boom
                          50. Chief gadget tester
                          51. Rejected by the academy
                          52. Told parents he was the Orange Ranger

                          53. Robotic Interactive Canine (RIC)
                          54. A robotic dog
                          55. Defends and supports the Power Rangers
                          56. Transforms into the Canine Cannon
                            1. POWER RANGERS: MYSTIC FORCE
                              White Ranger Udonna
                            2. Unicorn Zord
                            3. Sorceress mentor of the Mystic Force Rangers
                            4. Had the mystic power to control snow
                            5. Lost her ranger abilities in first battle with Koragg
                            6. Original member of the Mystic Knights of Old
                            7. Red Ranger Nick "Bowen" Russell
                            8. Phoenix Titanzord
                            9. Motorcycle enthusiast
                            10. Has the mystic power to control fire & heat
                            11. Orphan son of Udonna and Leanbow
                            12. Green Ranger Xander Bly
                            13. Minotaur Titanzord
                            14. Smooth talking charmer
                            15. Has the mystic power to control nature & plants
                            16. Yellow Ranger Charlie "Chip" Thorn
                            17. Griffin Titanzord
                            18. Fantasy enthusiast
                            19. Has the mystic power to control lightning & light
                            20. Blue Ranger Madison Rocca
                            21. Mermaid Titanzord
                            22. Video documentarian
                            23. Has the mystic power to control water
                            24. Pink Ranger Vida Rocca
                            25. Fairy Titanzord
                            26. DJ
                            27. Has the mystic power to shapeshift
                            28. Solaris Knight Daggeron
                            29. Mystic Train Zord
                            30. Original member of the Mystic Knights of Old
                            31. Has the mystic power to control light
                            32. Wolf Warrior Leanbow
                            33. Wolf Zord
                            34. Original member of the Mystic Knights of Old
                            35. Father of Bowen and husband to Udonna
                            36. Has the mystic power to control fire
                            37. Formerly brainwashed to become Koragg
                            38. The Gatekeeper Claire
                            39. Shining Moon Warrior
                            40. Apprentice and neice to Udonna
                            41. Heir of the Gatekeeper powers
                            42. Mother died to seal Morlocks within the Underworld
                              1. POWER RANGERS: OPERATION OVERDRIVE
                                San Angeles
                                Red Ranger Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford
                              2. Dump Driver Zord
                              3. Sonic Streaker
                              4. Red BattleFleet Zord
                              5. Overprotected robot son of Andrew Hartman
                              6. Took Red morpher when father captured
                              7. Turned real by the Corona Aurora
                              8. Has the genetic power of super strength
                              9. Blue Ranger Dax Lo
                              10. Gyro Driver Zord
                              11. Cement Driver Zord
                              12. Blue BattleFleet Zord
                              13. Stuntman
                              14. Has the genetic power of super jumping
                              15. Black Ranger Will Aton
                              16. HoverTek Cycle
                              17. Speed Driver Zord
                              18. Crane Driver Zord
                              19. Black BattleFleet Zord
                              20. Spy-for-hire
                              21. Has the genetic power of super hearing and sight
                              22. Yellow Ranger Veronica "Ronny" Robinson
                              23. S.H.A.R.C.
                              24. Dozer Driver Zord
                              25. Drill Driver Zord
                              26. Yellow BattleFleet Zord
                              27. Stock Car Racer
                              28. Has the genetic power of super speed
                              29. Pink Ranger Rose Ortiz
                              30. Sub Driver Zord
                              31. Shovel Driver Zord
                              32. Pink BattleFleet Zord
                              33. Mensa level Robotics Scientist and Poet
                              34. Has the genetic power of invisibility
                              35. Mercury Ranger Tyzonn
                              36. Fire Truck Zord
                              37. Rescue Runner 1 (EMT bus)
                              38. Rescue Runner 2 (police car)
                              39. Mercurian alien who accidentally betrayed his people
                              40. Transformed into monster by Moltar to fight Rangers
                              41. Freed by two Corona Aurora jewels
                              42. Has the power to transform his body into mercury
                              43. Sentinel Knight
                              44. Sentinel Sword
                              45. Original guardian of the Corona Aurora
                              46. Returned from spirit form when given Excelsior

                              47. Andrew Hartford
                              48. Billionaire sponsor of the Overdrive Rangers
                              49. Archeologist
                              50. Discovered the Corona Aurora crown
                              51. Intended to be the Red Ranger until Mack got involved
                                1. SENTINEL RANGERS
                                  Gathered by Sentinal Knight to aid Operation Overdrive while depowered
                                  Black Ranger Adam Park
                                2. Former Black Ninja and Green Zeo Ranger
                                3. Uses Mighty Morphin' Morpher
                                4. Runs his own dojo
                                5. Blue Ranger Tori Hanson
                                6. Former Ninja Storm Ranger
                                7. Now runs her own surf shop
                                8. Ranger powers returned to her by Sentinal Knight
                                9. Yellow Ranger Kira Ford
                                10. Former Dino Thunder Ranger
                                11. Is working on her first album
                                12. Sonic powers returned to her by Sentinal Knight
                                13. Red Ranger Bridge Carson
                                14. S.P.D. Ranger
                                15. Formerly Green, then Blue Ranger
                                16. Made B Squad leader when Sky became Commander
                                17. Green Ranger Xander Bly
                                18. Mystic Force Ranger
                                19. Became manager of the Rock Emporium

                                20. Alpha 6
                                21. Former android assistant to Dimitria
                                22. Shipped back to Angel Grove
                                23. Recruited by Adam to fix the Morphing Grid
                                24. Taken back by Adam to help run his dojo
                                  1. POWER RANGERS: JUNGLE FURY
                                    Ocean Bluff
                                    Wolf Ranger Robert "R.J." James
                                  2. Wolf Spirit Zord
                                  3. Pizzaria owner and new Ranger master
                                  4. Keeper of the Wolf Spirit
                                  5. Son of Master Finn
                                  6. Became werewolf when lost control of Wolf Spirit
                                  7. Red Ranger Casey Rhodes
                                  8. Tiger Spirit Zord
                                  9. Gorilla Master Spirit Zord
                                  10. Strike Rider
                                  11. A neophyte member of the Pai Zhuq
                                  12. Keeper of the Tiger Spirit
                                  13. Learned Shark Sabre skills from Master Finn
                                  14. Earned Gorilla Spirit from Rilla in Spirit Realm
                                  15. Blue Ranger Theo Martin
                                  16. Jaguar Spirit Zord
                                  17. Antelope Master Spirit Zord
                                  18. Straight-laced neat-freak
                                  19. Keeper of the Jaguar Spirit
                                  20. Learned Jungle Fan skills from Master Swoop
                                  21. Earned Antilope Spirit from Lope in Spirit Realm
                                  22. Yellow Ranger Lily Chilman
                                  23. Cheetah Spirit Zord
                                  24. Penquin Master Spirit Zord
                                  25. Keeper of the Cheetah Spirit
                                  26. Learned Jungle Mace skills from Master Phant
                                  27. Earned Penguin Spirit from Guin in Spirit Realm
                                  28. Rhino Ranger Dominic Hargan
                                  29. Rhino Steel Zord
                                  30. Practical joker who was a classmate of R.J.
                                  31. Keeper of the Rhino Spirit
                                  32. Was searching for his path when he met the Rangers
                                  33. Elephant Spirit Ranger Master Phant
                                  34. Elephant Spirit Zord
                                  35. Former Pai Zhua master
                                  36. Keeper of the Elephant Spirit
                                  37. Retired after losing confidence in himself
                                  38. Used to channel spirit into evil Spirit Ranger
                                  39. Spirit Ranger joined team after being freed
                                  40. Summoned for battle by the Yellow Ranger
                                  41. Bat Spirit Ranger Master Swoop
                                  42. Bat Spirit Zord
                                  43. Former Pai Zhua master
                                  44. Keeper of the Bat Spirit
                                  45. Blind
                                  46. Used to channel spirit into evil Spirit Ranger
                                  47. Spirit Ranger joined team after being freed
                                  48. Summoned for battle by the Blue Ranger
                                  49. Shark Spirit Ranger Master Finn
                                  50. Shark Spirit Zord
                                  51. Former Pai Zhua master
                                  52. Keeper of the Elephant Spirit
                                  53. RJ's father
                                  54. Used to channel spirit into evil Spirit Ranger
                                  55. Spirit Ranger joined team after being freed
                                  56. Summoned for battle by the Red Ranger
                                  57. Lion Warrior Jarrod
                                  58. Lion Spirit Zord
                                  59. Former host of Dai Shi
                                  60. Keeper of the Lion Spirit
                                  61. Pai Zhua student until rejected as a bully
                                  62. Saved from Dai Shi by Casey
                                  63. Returned to Pai Shua training after defeat of Dai Shi

                                  64. Camille
                                  65. Chameleon Spirit Zord
                                  66. Former servant of Dai Shi
                                  67. Given the power of Phoenix Phantom Beast General
                                  68. Keeper of the Chameleon Spirit
                                  69. Fell in love with Jarrod
                                  70. Saved from Dai Shi by Casey
                                  71. Became Pai Shua student after defeat of Dai Shi

                                  72. Fran
                                  73. Loyal employee of Jungle Kharma Pizza
                                  74. Left with Dom when Dai Shi was defeated

                                  75. Master Mao
                                  76. Previous Ranger master at the Pai Zhuq Academy
                                  77. Keeper of the Cat Spirit
                                  78. Physical body destroyed by Dai Shi
                                  79. Returned when Dai Shi opened spirit portal
                                  80. Other masters returned with him
                                    1. POWER RANGERS: R.P.M. (RACING PERFORMANCE MACHINES)
                                      Red Ranger Scott Truman
                                    2. Eagle Racer Zord
                                    3. Road Attack Zord
                                    4. Mammoth Paleo Zord
                                    5. T-Rex Paleo Zord
                                    6. Tricera Paleo Zord
                                    7. Son of Colonel Truman
                                    8. Able to manipulate bio-energy fields
                                    9. Eagle 2 soldier during first battle for Corinth
                                    10. Blue Ranger Flynn McAllistair
                                    11. Lion Hauler Zord
                                    12. Mechanic
                                    13. Able to manipulate time fields for 10 second freezes
                                    14. Drove bus full of refugees during Battle for Corinth
                                    15. Yellow Ranger Summer Landsdown
                                    16. Bear Crawler Zord
                                    17. Former millionaire heiress
                                    18. Able to manipulate energy signatures into blasts
                                    19. Turned back on family to become own person
                                    20. Left Corinth to rescue Scott during first Battle for Corinth
                                    21. Black Ranger Dillon
                                    22. Black Wolf Cruiser Zord
                                    23. Crocodile Carrier Zord
                                    24. Amnesiac cyborg
                                    25. Able to create momentary invulnerability
                                    26. Brother of Tenaya 7
                                    27. Body filled with Venjix technology
                                    28. Enhanced physical capabilities
                                    29. Green Ranger Ziggy Grover
                                    30. Shark Tail Spinner Zord
                                    31. Able to teleport
                                    32. Former Scorpion Cartel henchman
                                    33. Stole medical supplies from mob for orphans
                                    34. Fled city to escape cartel
                                    35. Returned to Corinth with Dillon
                                    36. Became Green Ranger to keep from Tenaya 7
                                    37. Gold Ranger Gem
                                    38. Falcon Copter Zord
                                    39. Jumbo Whale Zord
                                    40. Twin brother of Gemma
                                    41. Friend of Dr. Z at Alphabet Soup Lab
                                    42. Trapped outside Corinth when lab exploded
                                    43. Aided Rangers during ambush and returned with them to city
                                    44. Silver Ranger Gemma
                                    45. Tiger Jet Zord
                                    46. Twin sister of Gem
                                    47. Friend of Dr. Z at Alphabet Soup Lab
                                    48. Trapped outside Corinth when lab exploded
                                    49. Aided Rangers during ambush and returned with them to city

                                    50. Dr. K
                                    51. Ranger mentor
                                    52. Introvert
                                    53. Former captive at the Alphabet Soup Lab
                                    54. Accidentally unleashed Venjix on the world

                                    55. Colonel Mason Truman
                                    56. Military leader of Corith
                                    57. Scott's father
                                    58. Lost eldest son during first Battle for Corinth
                                      1. POWER RANGERS: SAMURAI (SUPER SAMURAI)
                                        Los Palos
                                        Red Ranger Jayden Shiba
                                      2. Lion Folding Zord
                                      3. Tigerzord
                                      4. Sharkzord
                                      5. Bullzord
                                      6. Able to manipulate fire elements
                                      7. Kept secret that he was a stand-in Red Ranger
                                      8. Blue Ranger Kevin
                                      9. Dragon Folding Zord
                                      10. Swordfishzord
                                      11. A swordsman and swimmer
                                      12. Able to manipulate water elements
                                      13. Pink Ranger Mia Watanabe
                                      14. Turtle Folding Zord
                                      15. The team "big sister"
                                      16. Able to manipulate sky elements
                                      17. Green Ranger Mike
                                      18. Bear Folding Zord
                                      19. Beetlezord
                                      20. An avid video gamer and the rebel of the group
                                      21. Able to manipulate forest elements
                                      22. Yellow Ranger Emily
                                      23. Ape Folding Zord
                                      24. The youngest of the Rangers
                                      25. Replaced her ill sister who was destined for the position
                                      26. Able to manipulate earth elements
                                      27. Gold Ranger Antonio Garcia
                                      28. Octozord
                                      29. Clawzord
                                      30. Lightzord
                                      31. A traveling fisherman / Tech wiz
                                      32. Childhood friend of Jayden

                                      33. Mentor Ji
                                      34. Ranger sensei
                                      35. Introvert
                                      36. Former captive at the Alphabet Soup Lab
                                      37. Accidentally unleashed Venjix on the world

                                      38. Red Ranger Lauren Shiba
                                      39. Lion Folding Zord
                                      40. Tigerzord
                                      41. Sharkzord
                                      42. Bullzord
                                      43. Able to manipulate fire elements
                                      44. True 18th Leader of the Samurai Rangers
                                      45. Kept in hiding so she could master the Sealing Symbol
                                      46. Returned leadership to Jayden
                                        1. POWER RANGERS: MEGAFORCE (SUPER MEGAFORCE)
                                          Harwood County
                                          Red Ranger Troy Burrows
                                        2. Dragon Zord
                                        3. Gosei Ultimate Command Ship
                                        4. The Sky Ship
                                        5. New kid in town
                                        6. Blue Ranger Noah Carver
                                        7. Shark Zord
                                        8. Manta Zord
                                        9. Sawshark Zord
                                        10. Hammerhead Zord
                                        11. Super Mega Jet
                                        12. Tech geek
                                        13. Pink Ranger Emma Goodall
                                        14. Phoenix Zord
                                        15. Hawk Zord
                                        16. Ptera Zord
                                        17. Crow Zord
                                        18. Super Mega Sub
                                        19. BMX Biker / Environmentalist
                                        20. Black Ranger /
                                          Green Ranger
                                          Jake Holling
                                        21. Snake Zord
                                        22. Beetle Zord
                                        23. Super Mega Racer
                                        24. Best friends with Noah
                                        25. Has a crush on Gia
                                        26. Started out as Black Ranger
                                        27. Becomes Green Ranger when Super Megaforce mode is used
                                        28. Yellow Ranger Gia Moran
                                        29. Tiger Zord
                                        30. Dino Zord
                                        31. Rhino Zord
                                        32. Super Mega Wheeler
                                        33. "Miss Perfect"
                                        34. Silver Ranger /
                                          Super Mega Gold Ranger
                                        35. Time Force Q-Rex Zord
                                        36. Andresian survivor of a planet previously attacked by the Armada
                                        37. Works as a server at Ernie's Brainfreeze
                                        38. Able to merge the powers of all sixth Rangers
                                        39. Robo Knight
                                        40. Lion Zord
                                        41. Sky Lion Zord
                                        42. Sea Lion Zord
                                        43. Gosei's first protector of Earth
                                        44. Lost some of his memories during dormancy>br>
                                        45. Sacrificed his life force to save Orion from Vrak

                                        46. Gosei
                                        47. Earth's supernatural guardian
                                        48. Former apprentice of Zordon

                                        49. Tensou
                                        50. Gosei's robotic assistant
                                          1. POWER RANGERS: DINO CHARGE (DINO SUPER CHARGE)
                                            Amber Beach
                                            Red Ranger Tyler Navarro
                                          2. T-Rex Zord
                                          3. A free-spirited adventurer with a huge heart
                                          4. Father disappeared mysteriously
                                          5. Black Ranger Chase Randall
                                          6. Para Zord
                                          7. Skateboarder
                                          8. Works as an assistant to Dr. Morgan
                                          9. Native of New Zealand
                                          10. Pink Ranger Shelby Watkins
                                          11. Tricera Zord
                                          12. Spino Zord
                                          13. Dinosaur expert
                                          14. Works for the museum cafeteria
                                          15. Impulsive
                                          16. Created the first modern Zord
                                          17. Green Ranger Riley Griffin
                                          18. Raptor Zord
                                          19. Brains of the group
                                          20. Raised on a ranch
                                          21. Swordsman
                                          22. Blue Ranger Koda
                                          23. Stego Zord
                                          24. A 100,000 year old caveman
                                          25. First person to find an Energem
                                          26. Kept alive through the years by his Energem
                                          27. Works as an assistant to Dr. Morgan
                                          28. Gold Ranger Sir Ivan of Zandar
                                          29. Ptera Zord
                                          30. A medieval knight
                                          31. Fidelity sworn to the royal family of Zandar
                                          32. Absorbed by Fury when he found gold Energem
                                          33. Released in modern day by Power Rangers
                                          34. Graphite Ranger Prince Philip III of Zandar
                                          35. Pachy Zord
                                          36. The crown prince of Zandar
                                          37. The descendant of Prince Colin
                                          38. Enherited the gold Energem
                                          39. Gave it back to Sir Ivan
                                          40. Financed digs to find another energem
                                          41. Purple Ranger Kendall Morgan
                                          42. Plesio Zord
                                          43. Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum Paleontologist
                                          44. Responsible for building the Rangers gadgets
                                          45. Had purple energem bond with her after Smith relequished it
                                          46. Aqua Ranger James Navarro
                                          47. Ankylo Zord
                                          48. Tyler's long-lost father
                                          49. Believed dead from a fight with Fury
                                          50. Was in hiding until he learned that his son was Red Ranger
                                          51. Silver Ranger Zenowing
                                          52. Titano Zord
                                          53. Former apprentice to Keeper
                                          54. Captured by Lord Arcanon
                                          55. Dark Energem duplicated him into Doomwing

                                          56. Keeper
                                          57. Holder of the Energems and Ranger mentor

                                          58. Purple Ranger Albert Smith
                                          59. Plesio Zord
                                          60. Self-proclaimed adventurer and Bigfoot hunter
                                          61. Retires with Keeper's help
                                            1. POWER RANGERS: NINJA STEEL
                                              Summer Grove
                                              Red Ranger Brody Romero
                                            2. Robo Red Zord
                                            3. Rumble Tusk Zord (Elephant)
                                            4. Astro Zord
                                            5. Father found Ninja Nexus Prism
                                            6. Father disappeared after breaking it into Ninja Power Stars
                                            7. Taken captive by Galvanex for ten years
                                            8. Escaped with Nexus Prism to form Rangers
                                            9. Blue Ranger Preston Tien
                                            10. Dragon Zord
                                            11. Magical Powers
                                            12. Amature magician until becoming a Ranger
                                            13. White Ranger Hayley Roster
                                            14. Kodiak Zord (Dog)
                                            15. Has a pet dog named Kodi
                                            16. Dating Calvin
                                            17. Pink Ranger Sarah Thompson
                                            18. Zoom Zord (Bullet Train)
                                            19. Inventor
                                            20. The other new kid at school
                                            21. Yellow Ranger Calvin Maxwell
                                            22. Nitro Zord (Dump Truck)
                                            23. Mechanic
                                            24. Dating Haley
                                            25. Gold Ranger Levi Weston
                                            26. Bull Zord
                                            27. Bull Rider Zord
                                            28. Country Music star
                                            29. Captured immediately after getting Gold morpher
                                            30. Freed by the Astro Zord

                                            31. Mick Kanic
                                            32. Alien Shapeshifter mechanic
                                            33. Friend of Brody's from Galvanex's ship
                                            34. Mistakenly hired as Shop Teacher

                                            35. Redbot
                                            36. Robotic friend of Brody's from Galvanex's ship