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    Peter Patrelli
    Power Duplication
  1. Former Hospice Nurse
  2. Brother of Nathan
  3. Father and Mother part of The Company founders
  4. Was romantically involved with Simone
  5. Lost control of powers and exploded
  6. Found and adopted by Irish Mob after amnesia
  7. Partnered with Malone to stop The Company
  8. Stopped by and reunited with brother
  9. Had powers stripped from him by his father
  10. Ragained powers through injection of Mohinder's formula
  11. New powers only grant one duplication at a time
  12. Angela Petrelli
    Precognitive Dreams
  13. Current head and founding member of the Company
  14. Mother of Nathan & Peter and wife of Arthur
  15. Poisoned husband to protect Nathan
  16. Claimed to be Sylar's mother who put him up for adoption
  17. Claire Bennet
    Spontaneous Regeneration and
    Pain Suppression
  18. Chearleader
  19. Adopted daughter of HRG
  20. Illigitimate daughter of Nathan Petrelli
  21. Saved by Peter during Sylar's first attack
  22. Sole survivor of a Sylar "examination"
  23. Working with Rebel to save enhanced humans
  24. Emma Coolidge
    Synesthesia with
    concussive force
  25. Hospital Archivist
  26. Trained in medicine
  27. Avoids people due to her deafness
  28. Hiro Nakamura
    Time Manipulation
  29. Japanese businessman on a quest to be a hero
  30. Son of Kaito Nakamura
  31. Given "the light" by mother as she died
  32. Made him the catalyst
  33. Time travel powers and catalyst stolen by Arthur Patrelli
  34. Powers returned by Matt Parkman's son
  35. Ando Masahashi
    Power Boost and
    Energy Projection
  36. Best friend and "sidekick" to Hiro
  37. Gained powers through injection of Mohinder's formula
  38. Charlene "Charlie" Andrews
    Eidetic Memory
  39. Former Waitress
  40. Became romantically involved with time-traveling Hiro
  41. Believed killed by Sylar for power
  42. Saved by Hiro during second attempt
  43. Kidnapped by Samuel to blackmail Hiro into helping him
  44. Matt Parkman
    Telepath and
  45. Former police detective
  46. Son of the Nightmare Man
  47. "Tagged" by The Company
  48. Lost job / credibility because unable to explain powers
  49. Adoptive father of Molly
  50. Recieved precog powers from Usutu
  51. Haunted by Syler mental illusion
  52. Matt Parkman Jr.
  53. Infant son of Matt and Janice Parkman
  54. Able to "turn things on"
  55. Tracy Strauss
    Cold & Water Manipulation
    and Self-Liquification
  56. Political advisor
  57. Unknown triplet sister of Nicki and Barbara Sanders
  58. Genetically manipulated by Company to gain powers
  59. Formerly assigned to and romantically involved with Nathan Patrelli
  60. Captured and imprisoned by Nathan's hunters
  61. Released by Rebel
  62. Apparently killed helping Micah escape from the hunters
  63. Powers transformed from Cryokinesis to Self-Liquification
  64. Began assissinating Building 26 agents
  65. Inactive HEROES
    Deceased HEROES

      Noah "HRG" Bennet
    1. Adopted father of Claire
    2. Former Primatech Paper Company Black Ops Agent
    3. Former tracker of genetic "heroes"
    4. Working with Suresh to take down Company
    5. Captured by the Company while trying to shoot Bob
    6. Forced to return to company to save family
    7. Joined Nathan's program under Danko
    8. Became hunted when discovered as a double agent
    9. Assigned to rebuild The Company
    10. René "The Haitian"
      Mental Eraser and
      Power Surpression
    11. Worked for HRG until helping Claire flee
    12. Returned to Bennet after cured from Shanti Virus by Suresh
    13. Inactive COMPANY agents
      Deceased COMPANY agents

        Samuel Sullivan
      1. Leader of the Sullivan Carnival enhanced humans
      2. Able to use powers to manipulate minerals including ink
      3. Edgar
        Superhuman Speed
      4. Knife handler
      5. Commie
      6. Old sideshow artist and carnival cook
      7. Rabecka "Becky" Taylor
      8. Sorority sister of Claire
      9. Former member of the carnival
      10. Killed Claire's first roommate to isolate her
      11. Teddy
        Mass Invisibility
      12. Carnival worker
      13. Damian
        Memory Restoration
      14. Keeper of the House of Mirrors
      15. Responsible for semi-restoring Sylar's memories
      16. Eli
      17. Former member of the Sullivan Carnival
      18. Became theif and killer in Africa
      19. Tracy was sent to recover him
      20. Eric Doyle
      21. Former Section 5 inmate of The Company
      22. Escaped during Sylar's attack on Section 5
      23. Obsessed with Merideth Gordon
      24. Recaptured by Claire and returned to Section 5
      25. Fought Sylar during Primatech lockdown
      26. Aided by Rebel and Claire into hiding
      27. Turned over to Danko by Sylar
      28. Joined the carnival to have a place to call home
      29. Amanda Strazzulla
      30. Lydia's daughter
      31. Abandoned by mother to be raised by aunt
      32. Bowman Family (Chris, Gail and Jenny)
      33. Members of the Sullivan Carnival
      34. Took Amanda in as part of their act
      35. Ian Michaels
        Plant growth manipulation
      36. Formerly homeless in Central Park
      37. Recruited by Samuel with the help of Emma
      38. Working with Samuel to terraform desert into utopia
      39. Deceased SULLIVAN BROS. performers

          Gabriel "Sylar" Gray
          Intuitive Aptitude
          (Power Chameleon)
        1. Telekinesis
        2. Spontaneous Regeneration
        3. Alchemy
        4. Psychiometry
        5. Sound Manipulation
        6. Electric Manipulation
        7. Lie Detection
        8. Thoughtography
        9. Shapeshifting
        10. Disintegration
        11. Puppetteer
        12. Flight
        13. Telepathy
        14. Clairvoyance
        15. Former watchmaker
        16. Able to absorb powers by studying his victim's brain
        17. "Tagged" by The Company
        18. Accidentally killed adoptive mother during stuggle with scissors
        19. Stabbed by Hiro but crawled away
        20. Lost majority of power base to Shanti Virus
        21. Cured from Shanti Virus by transfusion of Claire's blood
        22. Recruited by Angela to join the Company and partnered with HRG
        23. Brought in by Arthur by accepting who he was
        24. Learned to gain powers through empathy with Elle
        25. Captured and brainwashed by Matt to take Nathan's place
        26. Recruited into the carnival after suffering amnesia
        27. Regained control of body and extinguished Nathan's presence
        28. SECTION 5 inmates
          Inactive VILLAINS
          Deceased VILLAINS

          § = Online webisode appearance only.
          ‡ = Online graphic novel appearance only.