Buffy Sommers
  1. Current Vampire Slayer
  2. Moved to Sunnydale after killing Lothos and burning down the school
  3. Pike
  4. Buffy's LA partner
  5. Stayed in LA when Buffy moved
  7. Buffy's Watcher
  8. Killed by Lothos
      Buffy Sommers
    2. Current Vampire Slayer
    3. Shared the slayer abilities with every potential
    4. Died and brought back to life twice
    5. Moved to Rome after Hellmouth was closed
    6. Rupert Giles
    7. Buffy's Watcher
    8. One of the Watcher survivors after the purge by The First
    9. Began training new Watchers and Slayers after Hellmouth was closed
    10. Formerly a punk called Ripper
    11. Willow Rosenberg
    12. Buffy's Best Friend
    13. Wicken
    14. Based out of Brazil after the destruction of Sunnydale
    15. Briefly went insane when Tara was killed
    16. Xander Harris
    17. Buffy's Best Friend
    18. Became a Watcher-in-Training after the destruction of Sunnydale
    19. Based out of Africa
    20. Formerly engaged to Anya
    21. Lost eye while fighting The First
    22. Dawn Sommers
    23. Buffy's little sister
    24. Formerly the key to Glory's hell dimension
    25. Implanted into the universe by monks
    26. Moved to Rome after Hellmouth was closed
    27. Andrew Wells
    28. Became a Watcher-in-Training after the destruction of Sunnydale
    29. Based out of Rome
    30. Nerdy former villain henchman of Warren
    31. Robin M. Wood
    32. Sunnydale High School Principal
    33. Son of a former slayer
    34. Faith Lehane
    35. Rogue Slayer
    36. Was activated after the death of Kendra
    38. Slayer Trainee
    39. Based out of Brazil with Willow after the destruction of Sunnydale
    40. Recieved Slayer abilities to battle The First
    41. Willow's girlfriend
    42. Rona
    43. Slayer Trainee
    44. Recieved Slayer abilities to battle The First
    45. Domonique
    46. Slayer Trainee
    47. Recieved Slayer abilities to battle The First
    48. Chow Ahn
    49. Slayer Trainee
    50. Recieved Slayer abilities to battle The First
    51. Violet
    52. Slayer Trainee
    53. Recieved Slayer abilities to battle The First
    54. LEFT TOWN
      William "Spike" Pratt
    55. Vampire with a soul
    56. Formerly known as William the Bloody
    57. Buffy's former lover
    58. Drucilla's former boyfriend
    59. Killed two Slayers in the past
    60. Killed Robin Wood's mother
    61. Died while destroying the Hellmouth
    62. Daniel "Oz" Osborne
    63. Willow's former boyfriend
    64. Became werewolf when bit by cousin
    65. Left to learn how to control beast
    66. Left again after discovering Willow's relationship with Tara
    67. Riley Finn
    68. Buffy's former boyfriend
    69. Former operative of The Initiative:
      A monster-fighting military group
    70. Left to rejoin military
    71. Married operative partner
    72. Angel
    73. Vampire with a soul
    74. Buffy's former boyfriend
    75. Left for LA to distance himself from Buffy
    76. Cordelia Chase
    77. Most popular girl at Sunnydale High School
    78. Xander's former girlfriend
    79. Left for LA to pursue acting career
    80. Wesley Windom Price
    81. Buffy and Faith's Watcher
    82. Appointed after Rupert was booted from the Cousel
    83. Booted from the Counsel after Faith went rogue
    84. DECEASED
      Anyanka "Jenkins"
    85. Former Vengeance Demon
    86. Former fiance of Xander
    87. Died protecting Andrew during the final battle with The First
    88. Jonathan Levenson
    89. Nerdy former villain henchman of Warren
    90. Former Sunnydale high school schoolmate
    91. Killed by Andrew while under the control of The First
    92. Tara McClay
    93. Willow's first girlfriend
    94. Wicken
    95. Killed by Warren Meirs
    96. Kendra Young
    97. Slayer activated after Buffy died the first time
    98. Killed by Drucilla
    99. Jenny Calendar
    100. TechnoWicken Gypsy
    101. Formerly known as Janna of the Caldarash people
    102. Tribe cast soul curse on Angel
    103. Rupert's former girlfriend
    104. Killed by Angel
      1. ANGEL
      2. Vampire with a soul
      3. Formerly known as Angelus
      4. Birth name Liam
      5. Buffy's former boyfriend
      6. Former supernatural private investigator
      7. Former CEO of LA branch of Wolfram and Hart
      8. Charles Gunn
      9. Former Gangbanger Vampire Killer
      10. Transformed into head of Law Division of Wolfram and Hart
      11. Spike
      12. Vampire with a soul
      13. Resurrected by mysterious spell
      14. Former ghost haunting Angel
      15. Buffy's former lover
      16. Illyria
      17. Resurrected demon godling
      18. Killed Fred and took over her body
      19. Eve
      20. Former Wolfram and Hart Senior Partner Liaison
      21. Worked both sides against the other
      22. Partner and lover of Lindsey McDonald
        (Former Wolfram and Hart Junior Partner)
      23. LEFT TOWN
        Krevlornswath "Lorne" of the Deathwok Clan
      24. Friendly Demon
      25. Former lounge singer
      26. Reads people's fate when they sing
      27. Former head of Entertainment Division of Wolfram and Hart
      28. Left after killing Lindsey in final battle with the Black Thorn
      29. Harmony Kendall
      30. Vampire Secretary to Angel
      31. Spike's former lover
      32. Former friend of Cordelia from Sunnydale
      33. Fired after betraying Angel during the final battle with the Black Thorn
      34. Connor Reilly
      35. Human offspring of Angel and Darla
      36. Father of Jasmine
      37. Killed Jasmine
      38. Was given alternate life as part of Angel's deal with Wolfram and Hart
      39. Gwen Raiden
      40. Professional theif
      41. Generates electricity from body
      42. Left when Jasmine tried to take over the world
      43. Groosalugg
      44. Alternate dimension champion
      45. Came to earth to be with Cordelia
      46. Left when Cordelia fell in love with Angel
      47. DECEASED
        Wesley Windom Price
      48. Died in final battle with the Black Thorn
      49. Supernatural Investigator
      50. Former Watcher
      51. Former head of Research Division of Wolfram and Hart
      52. Wilfred "Fred" Burkle
      53. Killed when Illyria was resurrected in her body
      54. Supernatural Researcher and science nerd
      55. Former girlfriend of Gunn
      56. Dating Wesley at time of death
      57. Former head of Science Division of Wolfram and Hart
      58. Cordelia Chase
      59. Angel Investigations receptionist
      60. Former link to the Powers That Be
      61. Transformed into half demon to keep powers
      62. Mother of Jasmine
      63. Entered coma at birth of Jasmine
      64. Died after emerging from coma with last message from Powers That Be
      65. Alan Francis Doyle
      66. Half demon
      67. Former link to the Powers That Be
      68. Died saving demons from pureblood purge
        1. FRAY
          HADDYN, NEW YORK (Futuristic Manhattan)
          Melaka "Mel" Fray
        2. Futuristic Vampire Slayer
        3. Professional thief
        4. Forced to fight twin brother
          who leads the Lurks (vampires)
          and shares some of the slayer abilities
        5. Erin Fray
        6. Mel's older sister
        7. Law Officer
        8. Gunther
        9. Fray's "Radie" employer
        10. Mutant from solar radiation
        11. DECEASED
        12. Mel's Demon Mentor
        13. Took over teaching Mel about slayers
          after Watcher set himself on fire
        14. Killed by Fray when his manipulations came to light
        15. Killed Loo
        16. Loo
        17. Fray's handicapped neighbor
        18. Killed by Urkonn to motivate Fray into action
          1. FIREFLY
            Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds
          2. Captain of the starship Serenity (Firefly Class)
          3. Former Sargeant in Independence War
          4. Fought against the Alliance
          5. ZoŽ Alleyne Washburne
          6. First Officer of the Serenity
          7. Served with Mal in Independence War
          8. Married to Wash
          9. Jayne Cobb
          10. Serenity's Hired Gun
          11. Considered "the hero of Canton"
          12. Kaywinnit Lee 'Kaylee' Frye
          13. Serenity's Engineer
          14. Dr. Simon Tam
          15. Serenity's Medic
          16. On the run from the Alliance
          17. Broke sister out of The Academy
          18. Involved with Kaylee
          19. Inara Serra
          20. Licensed Companion
          21. A professional prostitute
          22. Rents a shuttle suite from the Serenity for professional use
          23. River Tam
          24. Simon's sister and secondary pilot
          25. Genius girl with superhuman abilities including clairvoyance
          26. Experemented on by the Blue Sun Corporation
          27. COMMENTARY:While this Joss Whedon project is not part of the Buffy Universe, consideration could be given to River being a futuristic slayer, meant to fight the Reavers (who have a lot of similarities to vampires and zombies).
            Hoban "Wash" Washburne
          28. Serenity's Pilot
          29. Married to Zoey
          30. Killed by Reaver harpoon
          31. Shepherd Derrial Book
          32. Chaplin
          33. Booked passage on the Serenity after leaving the abby
          34. Full history draped in mystery
          35. Died during Alliance assault on Haven