President John Sheridan
  1. President of the Interstellar Alliance
  2. Former Captain of Babylon 5
  3. Took over B5 after Sinclair left
  4. Delenn
  5. Mimbari First Lady - married to Sheridan
  6. Transformed herself to become human-like
  7. Former Ambassador for Mimbar
  8. Former member of Mimbari Grey Council
  9. Tessa Holloran
  10. Head of Covert Intelligence for the Alliance
  11. Former Number One for Mars Resistance
  12. Captain Elizabeth Lochley
  13. Earthforce Captain of Babylon 5
  14. Took over after Sheridan became President
  15. Sheridan's ex-wife
  16. Lieutenant David Corwin
  17. First Officer of Babylon 5
  18. Served in CnC under Ivanova and Sheridan
  19. Zack Allan
  20. Chief of Security
  21. Took over after Garibaldi retired
  22. Former member of Nightwatch
  23. Doctor Lillian Hobbes
  24. Chief Medical Officer
  25. Former assistant to Dr. Franklin
    Ambassador Vir Cotto
  27. Centauri Ambassador
  28. Took over after Mullari became emperor
  29. Former ambassorial aide to Mullari
  30. Former ambassador to Mimbar
  31. Ambassador Ta'Lon
  32. Narn Ambassador
  33. Took over after G'Kar retired
  34. Was formerly a kidnap victim with Sheridan
    Doctor Steven Franklin
  36. Former Chief Medical Officer
  37. Accepted the position of Head of Xenobiological Research at Earthdome
  38. Addicted to stims
  39. Michael Garibaldi
  40. Former Head of Covert Intelligence for the Alliance
  41. Security Advisor for President Sheridan
  42. Former Security Chief of Babylon 5
  43. Retired to run interstellar multi-million dollar corporation
  44. Lyta Alexander
  45. Telepath Rebellion Leader
  46. Former ambassorial aide to Kosh
  47. Modified by Vorlons to become telekenetic "atomic bomb"
  48. Former PsyCorps Operative - P5
  49. Lennier
  50. Former Assistant to Ambassador Delenn
  51. Left to join the Rangers
  52. Quit after willingly failing to rescue Sheridan
  53. Commander Susan Ivanova
  54. Former First Officer of Babylon 5
  55. Latent telepath - P1
  56. Retired after death of Ranger Marcus Cole
  57. Talia Winters
  58. Former PsyCorps Operative - P5
  59. Discovered to be a sleeper agent
  60. Commander Jeffrey Sinclair
  61. Former Commander of Babylon 5
  62. Replaced by Sheridan when transferred to Mimbari
  63. Founder of the Rangers
  64. Time-travelled to become founder of Mimbar race as Vaylen
  65. Lt. Commander Laurel Takashima
  66. Former First Officer of Babylon 5
  67. Reassigned after seeing Kosh outside his environmental suit
  68. Doctor Benjamin Kyle
  69. Former Chief Medical Officer
  70. Reassigned after seeing Kosh outside his environmental suit
    Emperor Lando Mullari
  72. Centauri Emperor
  73. Former Ambassador aboard Babylon 5
  74. G'Kar
  75. Former Karn Ambassador aboard Babylon 5
  76. Retired to travel with Lyta Alexander
  77. Ambassador Kosh Naranek
  78. Vorlon Ambassador
  79. Killed during battle with the Shadows
      Captain Matthew Gideon
    2. Earthforce Captain of the Interstellar Alliance Starship Excalibur
    3. First Whitestar battle cruiser built by Earth / Mimbari alliance
    4. In a relationship with Elizabeth Lochley
    5. Keeper of the Apocalypse Box
    6. Lieutenant John Matheson
    7. First Officer
    8. Former PsyCorp Operative
    9. Doctor Sarah Chambers
    10. Chief Medical Officer
    11. Galen
    12. Exiled Technomage
    13. Saved Gideon's life in 2257
    14. Exiled after helping Earth fight the Drakh
    15. Dureena Nafeel
    16. Zanderian Security Specialist
    17. Member of the Thieves' Guild
    18. Last surviving member of her race
    19. Race destroyed by the Drakh using a Shadow planet-killer
    20. Max Eilerson
    21. Linguist and Archeology Specialist
    22. Employed by InterPlanetary eXpeditions
    23. A child prodigy at understanding alien languages
    24. Hired to ship any profitable discoveries to them
    25. Trace Miller
    26. Shuttle pilot
    27. Formerly employed by InterPlanetary eXpeditions
    28. Recruited by Gideon to work on Excalibur
    29. Former priest initiate of the Foundationist Church
        R.A.S. LIANDRA
        Shak-Na David Martell
      2. Human Captain of the Ranger Attack Ship Liandra
      3. Former First Officer of the Infali
      4. Orphan prior to joining the Rangers
      5. Looked down upon by other Rangers for "staying alive"
      6. Quit rather than pursuing a fight
      7. Shak-Nali Dulann
      8. Minbari First Officer
      9. Psy-sensitive
      10. Able to communicate with the ghosts of the Liandra
      11. Served with Martell on the Infali
      12. Sarah Cantrell
      13. Human Weapons Specialist
      14. Born on Mars Colonies
      15. Served with Martell on the Infali
      16. Malcolm Bridges
      17. Human Covert Operations Specialist
      18. Born on Beta Colony
      19. Uses holo-suit to impersonate others
      20. Served with Martell on the Infali
      21. Kitaro "Kit" Sasaki
      22. Human Navigation and Communications Specialist
      23. Rookie of the Group
      24. Na'Feel
      25. Karn Engineering Specialist
      26. First Narn to serve on a Ranger vessel
      27. Firell
      28. Minbari Healer
      29. Tafeek
      30. Minbari Political and First Contact Specialist
      31. Turk
      32. Drazi Ranger
      33. First Drazi to serve on a Ranger vessel
      34. He "lifts heavy things"