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From the beginning, I have had a passion for reading and writing in all genres. I started with short stories in my teens, graduating to screenplays and television treatments in my twenties. In spite of several career changes, writing has always been my motivation, passion and creative outlet.

While I had the dream of being a professional writer when I was a teenager, I soon realized that the writing itself is the reward. Once I accepted that the goal was not to get paid, but to see if I could do it well - to complete the task - writing reached a new level of enjoyment.

Currently, I am working on several new projects, which will be updated here at TimeWell Productions and our electronic recording division: TWERPs Online Presentations. The legal aspects are covered on the Copyright Information page. While I once included a majority of what I have written over the years here, a combination of copyright infringement and cyber-warriness has caused me to take them down. Instead, I'm using this site more for various databases and the like now. If you would like to read my work, please feel free to e-mail me at TimeWell Productions and I'll be happy to send you links.


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