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December 19, 2013 - The second episode, "Ch...Ch...Changes," is available for your listening pleasure.

January 19, 2012 - The first episode, "Rebirth," is available for your listening pleasure.

ABOUT The New Green Hornet

The Green Hornet has been a legacy role within the Reid and Kato families, carrying on a tradition of heroism dating back to the days of the old west. The Green Hornet began with Britt Reid in the 1940s. In the late '60s, the torch was passed on to his nephew, Britt Reid Jr. In the beginning of the '90s, Paul Reid assumed the role after his brother was killed on his first trip out as the Hornet. Now, a new Green Hornet is needed for the 21st century. The mantle is passed to Dan Reid after his cousins are drawn out of retirement and ambushed. The new Hornet is dedicated to living up to his lineage and protecting the city. This is not only the story of the Green Hornet, however, and will revolve around all those whose lives are intertwined with the legacy he is trying to maintain.

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