TimeWell Electronic Recording Productions is looking for dedicated people to help in creating new upcoming programs. While we have a backlog of production possibilities, we have limited resources, both in personnel and time.


We are holding ongoing casting calls for
voice actors, editors and potential writers
for our various shows.


  • Voice talent should submit a short (no more than 5 MB) MP3 or WAV sampling of your voice. Tell us about yourself or pick a piece of dialog from one of our published scripts to read from. Also feel free to include examples of any accents and/or impersonations you feel comfortable with.

  • Sound Editors will be responsible for mixing takes and/or adding sound effects and music, and should submit a list of prior experience, including amateur/personal productions. MP3 samples (again, no more than 5 MB) of work are a bonus.

  • Writers should submit an outline (in the case of specific plot ideas) or a short (2-3 page) sampling of script work in PDF format. Please consult copies of our scripts for layout preferences. Innitially, we are looking for writing samples so we can get a feel for the writer's style. We will then assign story pitches to gauge ability to fulfill writing assignments. Once they have shown reliability with writing spec scripts, and depending on what they have in mind, we'll be open to original pitches as well, but we will want to see what they're capable of before we begin taking on new creations. We will not commit to using an author until we know their level of ability and that they are capable of following parameters set by "the studio."

  • Submitters should also include preferences of genre (examples: Science Fiction, Action, Fantasy, Mystery, etc.) so we can try to give assignments in areas that you will enjoy.

    Please send all submissions to Jim Caswell

    with the subject tagline "I Want To Be A TWERP."