Everybody likes Christmas presents.

Who doesn't appreciate something given to you for free, without any thought of something in return? Christmas is known as the "season of giving" but what if I told you that there are people to whom giving is a year 'round thing? This project is a major collaboration between a wide variety of Star Trek fan groups and creative individuals for whom it is Christmas all year 'round since they provide all their work for free.

This is first and foremost a fun activity created by Star Trek fans, as a gift for their fellow Star Trek fans. It is meant to introduce you, the world wide web of Star Trek fans, to the amazing array of material available for free on the internet. However it is also our hope that it will build bridges of goodwill between fans and non-fans alike, across nations and cultures, so that we might move closer to a world that does not know war, poverty and social injustice in this century.

If you like what you see, send some feedback to the creative team that made it. Better still, get involved and share your own creativity to the world. If our amateur attempts stir an interest in the world of Star Trek, support the professional productions, the TV shows and movies, and the many licensed goods and services that can extend on your fan experience.