Fan fiction is the Cindarella of Star Trek fan productions. Whereas advances in technology have allowed fans to expand into creative areas that they have hitherto been locked out of because of the expenses of production and distribution, why have there been no corresponding advances in fan fiction? Fans are now making their own sophisticated films, audio productions, comics, computer games - all of these being media that where the exclusive realm of professionals only twenty years ago.

The "Holy Grail" of any fan fiction author, the secret desire that we would never admit to but which draws us to the concept of fan productions, is to be published. This has been virtually unattainable in the past because the publishing industry has been a "closed shop" that relied on large print-runs and a complex warehousing and distribution system that was expensive to maintain and needed to be protected by the stringent application of the copyright laws. Sounds familiar? Yes, you could say the same about the movie studios and the music industry, both of whom have had major problems with the changing face of technology.

What if I told you that there is one advance in technology that could prove to be advantagious to the publishing industry though? That there is a way of extending the lifespan of a book indefinately, a way of making it possible for publishers to reap a profit from books that have been out of print for years? Where all they have to provide is some basic production infrastructure (at a fraction of the cost of the traditional printing industry) that has virtually no distribution costs and where the customers come direct to them, the publisher, rather than a bookseller?

It's called electronic publishing and the advantage to fans is that it also represents a way for us to see our own work distributed for free internationally in a near-professional format.

Today, TrekUnited and ShadowKnight Productions present for your free entertainment, six outstanding examples of Star Trek fan fiction, to be released over consecutive days in Adobe Acrobat format, on the Issuu distribution network, the closest thing you'll get to free online publishing!

In the following weeks we will be following this with releases of the same books in different eBook formats, initially TXT, HTML, Mobipocket and ePub. It is our hope that this will encourage Star Trek fans - normally the first to pick up new technology - to checkout the licensed eBooks from Pocketbook, many of which are no longer available in print, and stimulate Pocketbooks to release more of their archive of out of print novels.

Click the titles or cover art to go to the book's download page.

Arc Of The Wolf - On The Nature Of Wind
By S.L.Watson
A ShadowKnight Production

Scotty is a mystery to most. His origins are unknown as is his life before the Enterprise. He was smart but alone until he found his polar opposite and began a journey that would shape his life forever. A journey that would test his mind, body and soul. A journey that would endager his life, that would make him the miracle worker.

You can never predict which way the wind will blow.

Well received by the fan fiction community, this work was the catalyst for an ever-widening circle of works based on these characters.

Embers Of The Fire
By Sam Redfeather
A ShadowKnight Production

Mothballed in the 23rd century and resurrected during the waning days of the Dominion War, the Constitution Class USS Gibraltar is 90 years old and outmatched by most modern craft. The captain and crew are not the best and brightest ever assembled, they are an average Starfleet crew striving to get the job done against tremendous odds.

Embers of the Fire is the first volume of Sam Redfeather's Star Trek: Gibralter series, which currently has over a half-dozen works ranging from full-length novels to vignettes. His homebase is United Trek, a website and forum of ten authors writing in twelve series that share the same continuity and represents an amazingly broad and rich body of work.

A Leap Of Faith
By House Abukoff
Produced by Kirok of L'Stok

Two babies of mixed Vulcan and human parentage: one is doomed to die whilst the other is kidnapped and threatened with the same fate ... The cosmic trickster of The Next Generation interferes yet again ... Of all the starships named Enterprise one ship and one captain stand out above all. But before them there was another Enterprise - and another Kirk!

The first three episodes in a planned Virtual Season 5 for Star Trek: Enterprise, this is a group project, headed up by Kapact of House Abukoff.

Star Trek: Aldrin - The Enemy Within
Written & edited by Derek Kessler

After several years of war with the allied powers of the Alpha Quadrant, in 2375 the Dominion was defeated and surrendered unconditionally. Five years later, the Federation launches its newest Starfleet ship, the advanced U.S.S. Aldrin, equipped with the latest futuristic weapons and defense systems. The ship is sent to explore the Gamma Quadrant, but before they can even leave Earth, the Dominion's plot is set into motion and threatens to reignite the war with devastating consequences.

Derek Kessler lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where he is studying engineering and serving in the Ohio Army National Guard. He is also the forum administrator and news editor of the Star Trek news and community website TrekUnited.

Star Trek: Dominion
By Charlotte Kebbell
Produced by Kirok of L'Stok

New alliances are formed as old enemies fight side by side against an enemy that threatens both the the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets ... from inside as well as outside. Will love and honour triumph over treachery and deceit?

Charlotte Kebbell is a mainstay of The Federation / Klingon Rapid Response Fleet, a large and active Role Play Gaming forum and fan fiction community.

Star Trek: Heritage - A Break With Tradition
By T.L. Shull
A ShadowKnight Production

In 2413 the United Federation of Planets and its allies are once again at war. Fresh off her fiery stint as the captain of a small Starfleet defense ship, the newly ordained commanding officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise-G, along with a tenacious band of defense ship commanders, are burdened with a task that will either bring peace to the region or will let the enemy run unabated through the galaxy, destroying everything the UFP holds dear... ...and really, what would that do to the Riker family name?

T.L. Shull resides in The Land of Enchantment, in the hub of the American Southwest. When not working in the blindingly exciting world of insurance, she spends most of her free time frolicking in the realms of Star Trek.

These are fan productions, made available for free, and are in no way associated with Paramount Pictures or CBS Corporation who own the copyrights for Star Trek and all related products. Any attempt to sell, rent or otherwise make a profit from these productions should be reported to the copyright owners for their action.