The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas is a major collaborative project between a wide variety of Star Trek fan groups. It is primarily meant to be a fun activity by Star Trek fans, one that will hopefully introduce their work to a wider range of their fellow fans and create and maintain good relations between the various organisations.

It is made up of mostly non-profit fan productions, which are made available for free, so if you ever see them for sale you are being ripped-off and are encouraged to report the retailer to the copyright owners. Fan productions are a free tribute to the originals and their writers and producers respect and support the author's and producer's creative and legal rights. If what we have done piques your interest in Star Trek, you are encouraged to patronise the new movie, buy the season DVDs and support the many fine licensed products.

The project as a whole is a small example of what can be achieved when groups coordinate their efforts without taking away any credit for the original work which goes entirely to the individual contributors and creators. There are some individuals and organisations whose contributions to the project as a whole stand out though and their hard work over the holiday period must be acknowledged. In alphabetical order (as all lists on this project are sorted) ...

Jim Caswell of TimeWell Electronic Recording Productions who has not only hosted our website on their webspace, acted as our website administrator implementing the design and adding the embedding with efficiency and style, but also acted as the driving force that was the only thing that kept me close to schedule.

Derek Kessler of TrekUnited, who turned my garbled release notes into front page announcements on the TrekUnited website and was our liasson for file hosting with them.

Kirok of the House of Lstok. As executive producer for the project the responsibility for it's lateness lies entirely with me and I can honestly say that everyone in the team has performed on-time and beyond expectations.

Paul 'Enigma' Simpson, our graphic and website designer who came up with many unique logos and banners as well as creating our unique website. I appreciated his work ethic, delivering on demand at great personal expense to his personal life, and flexiblity in tailoring his drafts to suit our requirements.

S.L. 'Stef' Watson, whose personal contributions were matched by her practical editorial work, which took a great load from my shoulders, and managing the news releases on the Omega Section BBS.